Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 10 + 11...and my porridge is cold

Had a interwebs free day yesterday so I shall make it up to you, dear reader, with yesterdays history stuff and todays history in todays post.
If I can.
If the furbabies will allow me to type on the keyboard and not demand many pats and ear scratches.
And belly rubs.
And insist that I tell them how much I adore them and think them splendid examples of doggie perfection.
Or snaffle my porridge that is cooling in the kitchen....

January 10th + 11th
Toowoomba, at the top of the Great Dividing Range, experienced unprecedented flash flooding. This sent a 7 metre high wall of water down the range, flooding the Lockyer Valley and raising water levels in Wivenhoe Dam to 190% and higher. Fourteen people were killed in this one flash flood alone. With all the floodgates open, the Brisbane River was filled to capacity and, by early afternoon on 11 January 2011, began to break its banks.

Australia experienced its worst flooding on record affecting Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. The floods claimed the life of at least one Aboriginal person, delayed land claim hearings and put further pressure on people on housing waiting lists. Many didn’t accept help or played down their loss. Aboriginal musician Troy Cassar-Daley lost his farm near Brisbane.

 Burnum Burnum, Aboriginal activist, cricketer, rugby league player, actor and surf lifesaver was born on 10th in 1936; he is possibly best remembered for planting an Aussie flag in the White Cliffs of Dover on Bi Centennial Day, January 26th 1988 as his tongue-in-cheek way of claiming England the same way as Phillip had claimed Oz.

11th Jan in 1896 saw the end of the horrific 13 day heatwave that had swept over NSW, averaging temps of 47 degrees Celsius, 47 people had died in Bourke alone, and by the end of January 437 people across the southern states had died.

Today in 2012 Emeritus Professor Riaz Hassan published an article in The Conversation which not only corrected an accepted 'fact' of Oz history but also questioned why, in The Fair Isle of Oz , exactly does our history patronise women.

The South Australian Government Gazette published today in 1918 the 69 place names that had been changed from German origin names to Anglo names...note how many have changed to place names of fighting in WW1.

Bartsch's Creek to Yedlakoo Creek
Basedow, Hundred of to Hundred of French
Bauer, Cape to Cape Wondoma
Berlin Rock to Panpandie Rock
Bethanien to Bethany
Bismarck to Weeroopa
Blumberg to Birdwood
Blumenthal to Lakkari
Buch(s)felde to Loos
Carlsruhe to Kunden
Ehrenbreitstein to Mt. Yerila
Ferdinand Creek to Ernabella Creek
Mt. Ferdinand to Mt. Warrabillinna
Friedrichstadt to Tangari
Friedrichswalde to Tarnma
Gebhardt's Hill to Polygon Ridge
German Creek to Benare Creek
German Pass to Tappa Pass
Germantown Hill to Vimy Ridge
Gottlieb's Well to Parnggi Well
Grunberg to Karalta
Grunthal to Verdun
Hahndorf to Ambleside
Hasse's Mound to Larelar Mound
Heidelberg to Kobandilla
Hergott Springs to Marree
Hildesheim to Punthari
Hoffnungsthal to Kara Wirira
Homburg, Hundred of to Hundred of Haig
Jaenschtown to Kerkanya
Kaiserstuhl to Mt. Kitchener
Klaebes to Kilto
Klemzig to Gaza
Krawe Rock to Marti Rock
Krichauff, Hundred of to Hundred of Beatty
Krichauff to Beatty
Kronsdorf to Kabminye
Langdorf to Kaldukee
Langmeil to Bilyara
Lobethal to Tweedvale
Meyer, Mt. to Mt. Kauto
Muller's Hill to Yandina Hill
Neudorf to Namburdi
Neukirch to Dimchurch
New Hamburg to Willyargoo
New Mecklenburg to Gomersal
Oliventhal to Olivedale
Paech to Hundred of Canna
WIGRA Petersburg to Petersborough
Pflaum to Hundred of Geegeela
Rhine Park to Kongolia
Rhine Hill to Mons
Rhine River N. to The Somme
Rhine River S. to The Marne
Rhine (North), Hundred of to Hundred of Jellicoe
Rhine (South), Hundred of to Hundred of Jutland
Rhine Villa to Cambrai
Rosenthal to Rosedale
Scherk, Hundred of to Hundred of Sturdee
Schoenthal to Boonoala
Schomburgk, Hundred of to Hundred of Maude
Seppelts to Dorrien
Schreiberhau to Warre
Siegersdorf to Bultawilta
Steinfeld to Stonefield
Summerfeldt to Summerfield
Vogelsang's Corner to Teerkoore
Von Doussa, Hundred of to Hundred of Allenby
Wusser's Nob to Karun Nob


  1. A lot of those places names have now reverted to the original; Hahndorf, Lobethal, Klemzig. Birdwood is still Birdwood, but I like the sound of Blumenthal.
    Did you get your porridge?

    1. Good to know they've changed some of the names back, River, to remember the settlers and the history :)
      Yep, got my porridge!

  2. Very interesting. Now young lady listen up as the yanks say. it is the same distance from Steak & kidney to MellBunn as it is from Mellbunn To steak and kidney. being aged I can do the journey easily ( all down hill) so being of less age you should be able to travel here now and then So on yer bike and get peddling..... waiting with bated breath

    1. Good lord, you want a miracle, Vest?
      I'd need a tail wind and a large truck to tow me the entire way!

  3. Or you may travel by PC, I do.