Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13 Burnt porridge, send more chocolate

It's a ratty week lined up for Victoria weather-wise, South Oz isn't faring much better and I have declared it to be a gardening-free week.
I have objections to frying myself like Mads Dogs and Englishmen who go out in the noon day sun.

Dragged The Spouse to the Oakleigh Sunday Market - as opposed to the splendid Dunolly Market that was also on yesterday - where we bought many a lily that took our fancy.
There are now gracing our rockery garden several canna lillies one in outrageous yellow and red hues, the other wearing leopard-like spots (or Jackson Pollack gone silly), a pineapple lily with the most pretty perfume, 3 different coloured fushias and two small yellow lillies the names of which I haven't a clue.
There is also a gorgeous white spider lily we have yet to plant as it prefers full sun, and a very feminine, delicate pelargonium.
Wasn't going to plant them out until this week of heat had passed but they were accidentally placed in full sun and needed to be in the earth...have thrown up a shade cloth and the decking umbrella over their garden beds.
Got plenty of containers to fill with water for the wild birds and the 2 chooks will reside indoors tomorrow (in their baskets) out of the heat...they can listen to 774 radio with the rest of us.

Checked the bags of moo poo, Fen, not an Aussie tick in sight on them, definitely poor quality.

1879 The ill-fated Glenelg-Marino steam-powered railway opened today in Crow-Eater country (South Oz) but it was not to last was plagued with sand drifts , 2 fatal accidents, poor patronage and time was called on it in April 1880.

Today was dubbed Black Friday in 1939 owing to the ferocious bushfires that raged across the state of Victoria ; Melbourne's temp reached 45.6 Celsius, towns were destroyed, others badly damaged, 71 lives were lost and ash fell as far away as New Zealand.
 photo Screenshot2014-01-13105250_zpsd47783f2.jpg

1969 Cannons from the HMS Endeavour were fished up from Endeavour Reef, off Cooktown in north Queensland. The cannons were jettisoned from the Endeavour to lighten the ship after she ran aground on the reef on 10 June 1770 when Jimmy Cook should have zigged when he zagged.

1999 Land around Old Parliament House was gazetted under the Trespass and Commonwealth Land Ordinance 1932 which allows for the removal of trespassers. The media reports that the Government planned to use the Ordinance to remove the Aboriginal Tent Embassy were denied by the Government. The National Capital Authority stated implementation of the Ordinance was to remove unauthorised motor vehicles from the gazetted area.

1998 God Bless The Kiwis!!!!
One of the 110 missing episodes of the British TV show "Doctor Who" was found in New Zealand on this day.

Today in 1853 the South Australian Register published an article titled Journal of A Trip To Kangaroo Island, in which the author mentions Van Dieman Aboriginals living on Kangaroo Island.
Read it HERE.


  1. The men survived the '39 fires but were killed when the clearly unsafe bridge collapsed under them. Stay cool.

    1. Silly buggers to climb out on that damn bridge!

  2. There is a gardening ban here too. Way too hot. Sigh.
    And the tent embassy is still here. Good. Though I would like to see it move to New Parliament House.

    1. Yes, it's beyond time they were in with the others, EC.

  3. 110 missing Dr Who episodes?
    Semi gardening ban here. I've moved my pots off the front porch and put them under the trees around the side, I water them each morning before the heat gets too high. Then I park my bum in front of the TV and don't move all day.

    1. We've banned the TV here for the moment as it just heats up the house :(