Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15 Send a barista to make iced coffee!

I swear we had some rain last night - not much but enough to make my seat in the backyard damp.
I shan't mention the weather as it is beyond uncivilised - several grass fires were started by dry lightning near Dunolly last night but the hard working SES and CFA volunteers got them under control.
A million HUGE thank yous to all of those hard working volunteers who battle those dreadful threats for us every Summer, we are so damn lucky we have people ready to put themselves on the front line of these dangers.

1976 saw the debut episode of The Sullivans!!!!!!
The Bring Back Dave and Grace Fanclub is forever hopeful of a return.
Although we're not holding our breath.

1842 and Fitzroy, Melbourne played host to the pupping of the first Aussie Saint, Mother Mary MacKillop.
Top sheila, was Mary, got a lot of time for her.

The Hobart Town Police Report of this day in 1838 stated that a convict, Caroline Sye "complained of her husband, a Chinaman, for ill-usage, which she failed to prove; and as she insisted she would not live with him, she was allowed to retire to the factory on probation, and on receiving a good report to be favored with a country residence."

The Singleton Boys’ Home was established by the Board for the Protection of Aborigines in 1918 but by 1924 it was decided the premises were no longer suitable and the ground were closed on this day.
And the poor lads were then sent to the infamously cruel Kinchela Boys Home.


  1. No rain here. Obscene heat, sans moisture.
    My partner is somehow related to Mother Mary - but her saintliness was not passed on.

    1. It is very obscene, EC, hope you're able to get cool-ish somehow.

  2. Send a barista??
    do you know how much postage that would cost??
    I suppose a small one.....heh.
    Climb inside the fridge for a moment.

    1. I now have the spouse whipping up the iced coffees in the trusty Tupperware shaker, River.