Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16 I'm dreaming of a white summer....

I shall not moan about the weather.
I will, however, comment on the roofers who insist on playing their radio loudly on a great radio station that seems to play some decent music.
Sensible lads they knock off the moment the mercury hits 35 although one lad is not so sensible and I foresee skin cancer in his not-too-distant future...traipsing about the roof like a shirtless mountain goat displaying his marvellous tattoos for all with just a pair of shorts and a tool belt slung about his waist whilst hoisting a dozen roof tiles on his shoulder.
All very commendable but the shirtless thing even had the spouse remarking on high skin cancer rates.
Oh, well, he's a young 'un and probably thinks he's bullet proof.

Apologies for not getting around to your blogs to read and comment this week, I've been switching the PC off to stave off generating more heat than necessary in the house and the tablet is a cow to get to know.

This article has turned up HERE claiming to rewrite Oz History as we know it.
Pardon me for a moment...LMFAO....really?
Oh, wait, that's from the MSM and tosspots who seem to think anything there is to know about history has already been discovered and cast in stone without question.
Moving on....

Today in 1957 Pastor Doug Nicholls published an article in The Argus newspaper titled "Natives in Victoria Are Suffering, too" in relation to then-recent news items regarding the poor living conditions of Western Australian Aboriginal peoples that had so shocked readers.

Sorry, had to go rescue the hubby who was wrestling with a fan that was sans know the sort where the screws don't fit the holes, the screw-on bits are actually glued down, the other parts are all hidden inside poles, generally it was a difficult birth but father and fan reportedly doing well.

1793 saw the first free settlers from Europe - as opposed to those free settlers that arrived in Oz about 60,000 odd years ago - wash up at Port Jackson.

1939 saw the passing of Miriam Bebe at Farina; born in France as Desiree Ernestine Adrienne Lesire alias Violet Debreuil she came to Oz as a governess and a brothel worker before marrying the famous Afghan cameleer Gool Mahomet in 1907 and then travelling extensively with him and their 6 children between Broken Hill, Western Australia and the outback of South Oz.

For those who don't believe in the whole multicultural thing, today in 1865 The Geelong Advertiser noted that the fishermen of Port Phillip Bay were made up of "Italians, Dutchmen, French, Chinese, Maori and others" ...the 'others' were not alien life forms but Americans, British, Greek, Swedes, German and Aboriginal fishermen.

Now, I am away to the lounge room where the fan is doin' its thang.
We will invest in air con this year....sometime.


  1. It is too hot to get hot and bothered about your graphic description of the future skin cancer victim, well just a little.

  2. Love that the fan survived a difficult birth and, that while intervention was necessary it was successful.
    And, you mean that our history isn't cast in stone? White marble? In English?
    You rebel.

  3. Glad to hear Father and Fan doing well.
    It seems fishermen of all nations get along as well as kids in a playground. Politicians and racists should take notice and learn from them.

  4. Delightfully vivid post. This is my first visit to this blog but I will be following now! :-D