Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2 Chunderous crack of Dawn and other blather

I've had a rotten night of broken sleep...plenty of no sleep and a furbaby vomiting on the bed.
For which the other furbaby had the good manners to wake me up to alert me to the technicolour yawn and allow me to be AWAKE! at 5.30am, cold, miserable and not even wanting a coffee.
You know things are crook in Tallarook when I can't stomach a coffee.
But, hey, it could have been worse....and I got to see Dawn's crack again; being the refined lay-dee that I am *cough cough* I don't frequent Dawn nor often cast my baby blues towards her crack.

 photo photo-police-sydney-australie-mugshot-1920-21_zps466bb8ca.jpg 
 Nope, not an employment vetting committee but a mob of blokes lounging in gaol in Sydney in the 1920s.

Today in 1955 in South Oz was so damn craptacular it's known as Black Sunday; when horrific bushfires swept through the Adelaide Hills destroying approx. 40 homes, many other buildings, 600 square miles of country, the Upper Sturt Railway Station and the S.A Governor's Summer residence Marble Hill.

Today was a Wednesday in 1878 when the first telephone sans Wifi, Bluetooth, data allowance, or even an MP3 player went live at a store in Spencer Street Melbourne and the person on the end of the phone began yakking away with another person (as opposed to texting or sexting) in a store in Elizabeth Street.

 photo photo-police-sydney-australie-mugshot-1920-27_zpse5ef414e.jpg 
Miss Walker has declined to dine in the Windsor Ballroom today, she feels she would not find anyone to her liking.

Today in 2011 the Queensland river levels continued to rise with 200,000 people effected and one reported fatality.

In 1892 130 acres in the County of Churchill, Parish of Purga was proclaimed a reserve for the use of Aborigines connected to the Deebing Creek Mission that had been thrown together by the Aboriginal Protection Society of Ipswich.

After Darwin was loudly and proudly declared a town in 1959 there were rumblings to revoke the Aboriginal Reserve, Bagot Reserve, for suburban housing and shifting the Aboriginal families further into the bush with  Mayor of Darwin, Mr J. Lyons, quoted in the NT Time on this day ‘The way Darwin is growing leaving Bagot where it is would be like putting it in Smith Street. What a furore that would cause. It is high time Bagot was moved’.

 photo photo-police-sydney-australie-mugshot-1920-01_zps127fd0bc.jpg
I think these chaps sum up the feeling of one perfectly.


  1. Ooooh. Miss Walker...she don't look like a li-dee who will take no crap.
    Happy New Year Ms. Jayne.

    1. Thanks, Debby, may 2014 be a bumper year for you, too!
      Miss Walker had her own brand of charms, I suspect *snort*

  2. I do perve at dawn's crack quite often. And thank the cats for the 'privilege'. Hiss and spit on your pukey start to the day.
    The gaol loungers look remarkably comfortable - and spiffy too.

    1. Now, see? Cats are good for making sure their servants are up early!
      Don't they look stylish?

  3. Suits with hats and ties in gaol? Ties? So they could hang/strangle each other? Hmmm
    I haven't seen Dawn in many years, an occasional almost glimpse when walking to work in years past, other almost glimpses when I get up to open the windows for cool air at about 5am then get back into bed and sleep until 7-8am.

    1. These were a different breed of photos to the usual mugshots, River, wonderful!
      I fear you are missing nothing of Dawn.

  4. One night's bad sleep equals an extra good one the next night. Here's hoping.

    I see dawn's crack far more often that I want to, no matter how admirable it is.

    I'll do the research, shall I? Poor Governor Sir George, left almost homeless after the destruction of Marble Hill. Well, he did have his pad in North Terrace.

    What's with the gaol photos? How curious they are. There is probably a better chance of recognising the miscreants when they are dressed in the usual attire. Mates of Askin?

    1. Yep, had a really decent sleep last night, thanks, Andrew! :)
      I just liked the pics and thought I'd help spread em all over the net :P