Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28

Yep, dear diary, I'm still in one piece although I will complain to whoever turned the sun up too loud.
Got through the heat, although listening to ABC radio this morning they were speaking to emergency service personnel who called this heat the silent killer with 370 deaths after Black Saturday due to heat complications.
Keep up your fluids!!!
Mind you, I roolly, roolly miss my vegies in this heat - nothing beats a fair dinkum tea with loads of vegies to fill you up.
Meat, meh, can take it or leave it, but give me a plate of vegies with a splash of gravy and I'm in heaven.
So, I nominate one of you to cook in this heat for me and I shall be eternally grateful.
Or kiss your toes.
Or just send you a suitable thank you card if the toe kissing is too creepy.

Mind you, I reckon the spouse would have welcomed the opportunity to kiss someone's toes who offered to do the hunting and gathering of text books last week ...2nd hand books, saved a motza but the poor boy was travelling further than the Leyland Brothers ever managed in a day via public transport and Shanks' pony.
He only got lost once and then it was having just missed a street he should have walked down.

1972 - Sun newspaper reported on three Black Power Aboriginals setting up a Tent Embassy on the grounds of Parliament House.
*shock horror*
(That was sarcasm in case anyone missed it).

2007 - Harry Melbourne, whose name who should be engraved on the heart of all chocolate lovers everywhere, passed away to the confectioners shop in the sky.
He was responsible for birthing our beloved Freddo Frog in 1930.

1965 - Today saw The Rolling Stones rock up in Melbourne where they played at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda...they were supported by Ray Columbus and The Invaders, and The Flies.

1940 - The Australian Aborigines League persuaded churches to declare the Sunday before Australia Day to be known as Aboriginal Sunday, the first of these falling on this day. The recognition of this continued until 1955 when it was moved to the first Sunday in July.


  1. Ray Columbus and the Invaders; that name rings a bell, I'll have to look them up and see what they sang.
    I think Aboriginal Sunday should have been left in January, they were here first after all.

  2. So my comment wasn't worth consideration!

  3. So my comment was deemed unworthy of consideration, mind you I don't call often, then again your last call to my blog was in june last year. i suppose It's a long way to travel, enjoy the sunshine.