Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3 in Stuff

Because Andrew mentioned him yesterday the Devil appears today;  in 1975 Sir Robert Askin toddled off to retirement from being the NSW Premier.

Great sleep last night sans puppy spew but with an added nibble on my fingers from Miss Pip who believes mummy should be UP! and PLAYING! at 6am.
Cos she's awake and full of beans.
And other nondescript items she manages to gnaw on.

Despite the names of an Aboriginal family appearing on the application for a school to be established in Gulargambone, NSW today in 1881 non-Aboriginal families later lobbied to have the family excluded due to them being Indigenous.

In 1962 the first Standard Gauge Freight sailed into and then departed from the Dynon Rail Freight Terminal.

Two years later in 1964 the Destroyer Class ship HMAS ANZAC landed parties on Tasman Island not for picnics but to fight bushfires.

Today at Kissing Point (Putney) Woollarawarre Bennelong passed from this world to the next, he was buried in the orchard of his great friend brewer James Squire.

Today in 1851 was the final day in a series of 'examinations' aka massacres that took place on Fraser Island between Christmas Day 1850 and January 3, 1851. In a newspaper report it was called "a jaunt" with the added description of "...natives were driven into the sea and kept there as long as daylight or life lasted."

In 1872 at Mparntwe (Alice Springs) the first connection was made in the iconic Overland Telegraph which had better coverage and rates than most phone carriers today.

Captain Arthur Phillip, bored to tears from the long First Fleet voyage, played Eye, Spy with the coast of Van Diemen's Land in 1788.


  1. Goodness I am ashamed of our track record on indigenous relations. And it is only marginally better now. Sigh.
    Glad that you had a puke free night. Always a good start.

    1. Dig a little and it's just below the surface, EC :(

  2. I continue to be stunned at early settlers who believed education was only for whites. And those natives that were driven into the sea and kept there as long as daylight or life lasted...well I hope they came back to haunt their drivers. Like EC, I am ashamed of how indigenous people have been and still are treated, worldwide.

    1. Made my hair curl to read that line, River.