Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4 Rations are low, send more coffee and chocolate

I was going to cheat and repost today's entry from the Dunolly & District History blog but thought I'd best make an effort and delve into the dread innards of Oz History, if only to find out what didn't happen or what wasn't said.
Not enough coffee on board if that last bit made absolutely no sense to anyone.
Chappies are working next door on the house extension in this drizzling rain - power tools and all....I'm hoping they don't need some CPR or stuff !
At least I get out of watering the wilting tomatoes.
Other toms are looking ok, as is the sole capsicum and umpteen self-seeded pumpkins.
Possums have been putting on a ballet each night amidst the plums and pears, have been wondering if they're half cut from any fermenting fruit cos the fruit bats have been blessing our backyard with their squeals (and piddles) of delight, too.

Today in 1688 Billy Boy Sooki-La-La Dampi-Pants (better known in serious history blogs as William Dampier) rocked up on the shore of King Sound in Westralia and pronounced the Aboriginal People as,
"The miserablest people in the world."
Giving him the royal birdie down the tunnels of history is the fact he's remembered best for his wankerish grasp of the English language and that his pithy evaluation delayed the colonialisation of Oz for a century.

 1810 saw Gov Lachlan Macquarie stamp his foot and get Roolly Cross with those naughty mischievous monkeys playing at the Rum Rebellion in the NSW Corps who had deposed Macquarie's predecessor poor old Gov Bligh; Lachlan cancelled all the land grants, bequests and trials, then dismissed all the trouble makers from authority.
He was cleaning out his closet.

Today in 1858 was not a good day for Rev Gerald Ward...cos he gave up eating and drinking.
The good father was the founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Oz, establishing the St Vincent de Paul Orphanage in South Melbourne.

Despite applying to become a naturalised citizen and being a committed Christian, and the fact that he owned a successful business with long established Chinese-born Australian relatives in Horsham then opened a branch of the same business in Geelong, despite the fact he had two daughters born in Australia the younger , Lena Hop Poon Gooey, on this day in 1913 the Commonwealth Govt was hell-bent on reducing the numbers of Chinese people in the Fair Ilse of Oz so threatened to deport Ham Hop Poon Gooey and his family until they sailed back to Hong Kong in May 1913.

Rev James Dixon, who popped his clogs on this day in 1840, was an Irish convict Priest famous for holding the first recorded public mass in Sydney which was a congregation for convicts.

Proving that the heady mix of alcohol and New Years celebrations are not confined to the yoof of today the Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (gawd, what a header!) tattled today in 1851 on a group of chappies charged with riot and assault at Black Creek.


  1. Hmm. Is there any of our history which isn't a bit cringe worthy? And no, I am not a sport fan. Even some of the good stuff, sorry day and the like, is rectifying wrongs.
    Sorry, I think I have my grumpy hat on.

    1. There are always silver linings, EC.

  2. My tomatoes are wilting again, despite the early sprinkling.

    1. Mine are just lying there like drunken sailors, Fen.

  3. You're out of chocolate?? How does that even happen? What's your favourite?

    Have you seen the miniseries (shown years ago) Against The Wind? There a few scenes that deals with Gov Lachlan Macquarie "cleaning his closet."

    1. Yep, I've certainly seen Against the Wind, River.

      Pinched some of the Feral Teens choccies.

  4. Wow! Doesn't sound like a happy history day, or a happy home day what with no choccies and all ... we should be set until Easter with the awesome collection we got for Xmas - and that's without holding back on the eating, either! Just be glad you haven't got rabbits as well ...

    1. Rabbits, Red?
      They're yummy in Moroccan spices fan fried in butter and served on steamed rocket.