Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6 Oh, err

I've been caught up with family history research know how one little thing niggles away at you (or it's most likely the departed jumping up and down and screeching in your ear, demanding attention) so I've been pottering away at one of the ancestors and am slowly but surely uncovering a great deal of his life.

He was in the 39th Regiment of Foot, became a policeman then, barely 3 months later was bashed and battered severely by a crowd of drunken soldiers on Xmas Eve in front of his wife and child.
Hauled off to hospital in a bad way...bit of a gap....discharged from police...bit of a gap....died in the Benevolent Asylum  aged 56.

  photo Screenshot2014-01-05120947_zps65df99a1.jpg
Doesn't make for pleasant reading, it could be transposed onto almost any incident these days with drunken louts.
Still to find out what happened to the soldiers or how long Charles was in hospital or what he did to support his family afterwards.
One son became the licensee of the Light House Hotel, corner Sussex and Bathurst Sts, Sydney (now long gone, can't find a photo of it) and it appears Charles' dad may have been booted out of the Old Dart to make old bones of 75 in Oz in 1806.

HUGE thank you to Andrew who inspired me to get off mine arse and back into the saddle of my bike after posting these lovely pics of the Outer Circle Rail Trail; I've cycled that stretch many times but not ridden anywhere for over 12 months (I'm ashamed to say) and the urge to get back to cycling was born with those lovely photos.
Taking it slowly to build up the muscles and stamina again, feeling ok after yesterdays jaunt around a large block of Hughesdale via a garage sale down a side street.

Today in 1911 a slight earthquake was felt in the south eastern 'burbs of Melbourne with " distinct vibration of buildings and rattling of windows in East Melbourne, South Yarra and Toorak"
Oh, no!
Not window rattling!

The coast of Westralia was awash with the effects of a tsunami (origins unknown, the waves weren't talking) on this day in 1885.


  1. History , Vest joined the Brit Navy 72 years ago on this day.

    Question: Who is the cleverest person within the armed services?

    Fancy you remembering the tsunami in 1885., little wonder you become tired so quickly..

    1. Congrats, Vest!

      Yes, I swam and swam in that rip, was quite a good way to wake up :P

  2. And today Adelaide has an earthquake. The more things change...
    Happy cycling.

    1. Yes! I saw people talking about on FB, EC, just as I was researching this post!

  3. Yes, we had an earthquake. an almighty thump with a simultaneous vibration throughout the building. It was odd feeling the kitchen floor vibrating under my feet. At first I thought a large truck had struck the building, then realised what had really happened.
    I'm not much interested in finding out about my ancestors, it's enough to know that my grandmother had no interest in finding out who we were. When my mum visited her in Germany one year, grandma handed her a box of unopened letters and cards that we'd written as kids, saying, you'd better take these back, I don't know these people.

    1. Sounds like the earthquake was a tad more substantial that the Melbourne one, River.

  4. I have not heard about the Adelaide earthquake. Breaking news at Our Great Southern Land. That is a truly awful story about your ancestor. Would the current coward attackers in Kings Cross even think of such an assault on a man with his wife and children?

    1. Sadly, I fear they'd still belt a bloke up in front of his wife and child, Andrew.
      Apparently the soldiers had been flexing their drunken muscle for a few days.

  5. Old Dart; very few people have any notion of the old dart expression. Most people from Britain had never heard of it before arriving meaning myself too.
    Research tells us is a dialect thingy from the Irish migrants explaining they are from the Dirt or Ireland, the pronunciation dart meaning dirt.
    Like yanks who say Barb has gatten a jarb Instead of Bob has got a .Job. I Suppose Barbara would be confusing too, how about boberor loves barb, may be she loves bob or herself- confusing.