Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7 History and a bike recipe

Back in the saddle again today, can certainly feel it in my legs but that's all to the good.
We, or rather I, tricked out another 2nd hand treadlie and it is even better than my last one (which now resides in Dunolly awaiting my lardy arse to grace its seat).

Recipe for a Cruiser Mountain Bike Hybrid -
  • Have an offspring on hand to collect perfectly good mountain bikes that are being chucked out for no reason other than the owner has lost interest/repairing a flat tyre was too difficult/they upgraded to a flying carpet.
  • Having collected the rejected mountain bike, check it over to see if there's anything wrong...9 times out of 10 there isn't except flat tyres and even then they usually just need reinflating.
  • If you want to turn it into a cruiser throw a set of cruiser handle bars on it.
  • Large Saddle seat (for those of us with the generously proportioned rear) is optional.
  • Brake and gear cables will need to be redone by a professional (or someone who knows his wrench from his elbow) as the cruiser handle bars are further away than mountain bike handle bars.
  • You now have a cruiser with gears to tackle any hill, for minimal cost and you've saved something from landfill.

Today was a Sunday in 1934 when Charles Kingsford Smith was driving in any fashion other than a typical Sunday driver when he broke the Sydney-Melbourne round trip road record in 17 hours in his sports car.

More riots against the Chinese on the goldfields in 1867 at Crocodile Creek near Rockhampton; this was all started over one European digger pegging out an illegal claim in the Chinese gardens at 2pm and continued for two hours with much damage to property as tents, stores, hotels, houses and other buildings owned by Chinese people were burnt to the ground or thoroughly trashed.
The ring leaders were rounded up, charged, tried and found guilty.

The Noongar People of West Australia were evicted from their campsite at Lake Monger in 1835 as they were considered a threat to William Leeder and his farm which had been established when he took up land grants in 1832.

The first attempt to create a Native Police Corps in Victoria came unstuck on this day in 1838 a bare 10 weeks after it was begun; the Superintendent , Christaan de Villiers, had spat the dummy and resigned due to the missionary George Langhorne sticking his nose in and making malicious complaints.
When Langhorne was made Police Superintendent the police refused to work for him and left.


  1. I was very happy to hear that Langhorne didn't benefit (for long) from being a malicious so and so. Missionaries have a lot to answer for in my eyes. Some of it good, much of it not.

    1. Exactly, EC, I was very unprofessional here silently saying "ner ner ner ner ner" to him in my mind ;)

  2. I thought cruiser handlebars were closer to you than mountain bike handlebars. Aren't the hand grips curved back towards the rider? I have a new, smaller bike that I'm much more comfortable on, but I haven't got a clue about the gears. Is a higher or lower gear used for going uphills? I haven't ridden it much and have left the gear setting as it was when I got it. No manual.

    1. The handles are closer to you, River, but the curve of the handle bars means the cables for brakes and gears have further to travel.
      Lower gears for hills.
      Here is a great page explaining it...