Sunday, February 9, 2014

Captains log...

Thanks for the emails, yes I am ok.
Just battling the heat, this damned back, getting the feral teen back into the swing of school and study, doctors appointments and Miss Pip the pup who thinks that every sock has a delicious taste and must be devoured within seconds.
Hoping to get the history stuff happening again soon, some days it's enough to just get the Dunolly stuff posted on FB before the brain goes into neutral and the back sends me to la la land.
And the need to investigate how the furbaby manages to scale a bookcase to gnaw on the hubby's shoes....
Hope you're all well, keep up the fluids and stay cool if you can.


  1. Perhaps if you fed Miss Pip nothing but socks she would lose interest?
    More heat on the way, I'm sorry to say.
    Ooh! A rhyme!

  2. You've begun a limerick there, River, I await the rest lol.

  3. Stay cool... and safe. Those fires down your way look nasty!

  4. P'raps Pip is trying to tell you that you shouldn't be wearing socks in this heat.

    If it helps, you can think of me, locked away as I am in the deep freeze of NE USA. It is -17 c here today.