Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12 Oz History on this day

Great article HERE on how a study of a collection of autobiographies of working class sheilas from the 19th century in Britain can give a more vivid and accurate view of what the chickybabes of yesteryear were getting up to.

1913 - Canberra was christened before it was actually built, with Mrs. Governor- General Lady Denman unveiling the foundation stones and the secretly-held moniker for our nations capital.

1967 - Even though the trustees of the Myer Music Bowl stated they wouldn't sanction the 1967 Moomba Pop Concert  it went ahead anyway with The Seekers headlining before a record-making 200,000 audience.

1921- Edith Cowan was our first chickybabe elected to an Oz Parliament on this day in Westralia.

1989 - Not just Oz History but WWW history with the interwebs celebrating their silver anniversary with our grey matter.

1883 - Murrumgunarriman, known as Twopenny, who was a member of the famous Aboriginal Cricket Team of 1868, passed away.

1953 - 40 intermarried couples - that is, Aussie servicemen who married Japanese gals whilst stationed in Japan - departed from Kure, Japan on this day.
Sadly, some chose not to travel to Oz for various reasons and 52 children were left behind by Australian fathers.

1868 - We know what Henry James O'Farrell was up to on this day as he so thoughtfully made his mark in history for future historians by attempting to assassinate the 2nd male pup of Queen Vicky, Prince Alfred, as he swanned about a picnic at Clontarf in Sydney.
The prince fully recovered from the shooting but, alas, the deemed insane O'Farrell failed to recover from the hangman's noose.