Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14 On this day in Oz History

Today in 1964 the Aussie Ballet put on a fully Oz display with the premier of Bobby Helpmann's ballet The Display in which he compares a macho blokes male courtshipship dance at a bush picnic with that of the Lyrebird.
Can't see any difference between the two, myself!

101 years earlier (1863 for those who ran out of fingers and toes) the grand town of Goulburn went from lovely provincial village to lovely but oldest provincial city today when a wand was waved above it (via Royal Letters Patent creating the Anglican See).

1919 and The Register (a South Oz fish wrapper by any other name) carried an article regaling readers about the Aboriginal peoples of the North with a great many claims by a Protector of Aborigines who planned to turn these tales into a healthy bank account via book sales.

Gallop along a few decades and 1989 saw Motpena in South Oz celebrating the dubious distinction of being gifted the highest rainfall in the whole of South Oz since record keeping began, with a few drops measuring 272.6 mm.

1935 Kwok Chun Hang may not be a name known is every household like Grant Hackett, Thorpedo, Dawn Fraser, Gian Rooney, Madam Butterfly, Klim, etc, but the Chinese swimmer captured the minds of many Aussies during his brief 1935 swimming tour around the country; due to increasing Chinese and cultural commitments he was forced to abandon a greatly anticipated tour of NZ that should have culminated on this day.

1980 saw Oz begin to adopt the Kiwi blokes in that little-known band Split Enz; their song "I Got You" topped the Oz and Canadian charts on this day.