Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 16 in Oz history

Two milestones were achieved in 1949 - the first was to give a patronising paternalistic pat on the head to Aboriginals who'd served in the armed forces and allow them to FINALLY have the right to vote in their own country.
The second one was where the 'esteemed' ASIO was established.
Ho, hum.

1826 saw the establishment of the Australian Subscription Library, which morphed into  the Sydney Free Public Library which in turn became the State Library of NSW.
Go and celebrate at a library today!
Or at least return those overdue books.

1774 Cat lovers, unite and celebrate with some fermented catnip!
Or purchase a Catshead apple tree from Rippon Lea to mark the occasion!
Matthew Flinders, explorer, navigator, author and faithful servant to his cat Trim, was pupped on this day in Lincolnshire.

For those in Melbourne there is the Heritage Apple Tree sale today at beautiful Rippon Lea...
"This is a rare opportunity to purchase your very own heritage apple tree/s, which Rippon Lea's garden team have expertly grafted from the property's vast apple orchard onto rootstocks well suited to home gardens. Our gardeners will be on hand to offer advice and help in growing a great crop of your own heritage apples"
Opening Hours: 10am - 4pm
Admission: Entry to the sale is free, and you are welcome to stay and enjoy the fantastic grounds of Rippon Lea throughout the day (normally a $10 fee applies).


Up to 40 varieties of apple trees will available this year, including:
Barnack Beauty
Beauty of Bath
Bramley Seedling
Browns Apple
Chenango Strawberry
Cox’s Orange Pippin
De La Place
Devonshire Quarrendon
Dunn’s Seedling
Emperor Alexander
Gooseberry Pippin

The Gould League Family Fun Day is on at 4 Genoa street, Moorabbin,
"On Sunday, March 16th 2014, between 11am and 2pm, Gould League would like to invite local residents, family groups and teachers to explore our engaging school excursion centre and to help us celebrate our iconic, not-for-profit organisation's 105th year! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore our gardens and centre exhibits, with a variety of fun and hands-on activities taking the young and young-at-heart on an educational journey!"