Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17 Happy St Paddy's Day!

Now that you've downed your 36th pint of green ale, danced an Irish jig around the Hills Hoist and tried to kiss the faux Blarney Stone in the front garden beside the water meter....go forth and plant the Sweet Peas!
Today is the traditional day all Aussies are supposed to get down and dirty in the garden with a packet of Sweet Peas - go collect a packet or 3 of the beauties (and there's a shedload of varieties to tickle your gardeners fancy these days) throw up a trellis or pick a wall or garden shed that needs a spot of colour or covering and plant merrily away whilst quenching your gardeners thirst with another green ale.
Then, sit back and admire your hard work and reward yourself with another green ale.

1962 Today saw the grand opening/airing of CBN 8 Orange (CBN = Country Broadcasting New South Wales) a TV station that is now affiliated with Prime7.
Where they, no doubt, had a few sherberts in the green hue.

1984 Geoffrey Blainey, who had championed the study of Aboriginal history, and who had dared suggest that the Indigenous way of life compared favourably with that in some parts of Europe, lit the fuse to what has become known as "The History Wars" when he passed remarks upon the then-Hawke Govt favouring a high rate of Asian immigration during a time of high unemployment.
Some saw his remarks as racist and the fall-out was dramatic; he and his family were threatened, his tutorials were loudly interrupted by protestors to the point that all further lectures were cancelled for that year.
Not a day to relish an Irish shandy.

1942 Gen Douglas MacArthur rocked up to Oz and set up shop in Melbourne.
Ahh, the hardships people must endure in war time...

1943 The Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper ran the article in which the Trade and Customs Minister announced in the Senate that unless more barley was grown the Aussie beer output of 7,200,000 gallons per month would have to be cut.
What, no green ale?!

1967 And they most probably raised a glass or 3 at the official opening of the Honeysuckle Creek Space Tracking Station in Canberra on this day; this was the famous antenna that received, then relayed to the whole world, the TV images of Neil Armstrong taking a Sunday stroll on the Moon.