Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24 Celebrate Oz History stuffs on this day!

And you can all begin by raising a glass to John Busby who was whelped on this day in 1765, and who began the 10 year construction of Sydney's first regular water supply known as Busby's Bore on his birthday in 1827.

Today in 1926 at an Australian Farmers Federation Association conference in dear old Melbourne saw the birth of The Australian Country Party Association.

1939- Today John Kinmont Moir raised the idea of an award to recognise a persons efforts toward protecting native flora and fauna - thus the Australian Natural History Medallion was pupped.

2005 - The board of ATSIC, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, was abolished under the then-Howard Federal Govt following allegations of corruption.

 This day in 1997 saw the Australian Federal Govt overturn the Euthanasia Law that had been passed in the Northern Territory 1st July 1996.

1804 - And after a plethora of names such as Mulumbinba, Coal River, Hunter's River,Coal Harbour, and King's Town they finally settled on calling the damn spot Newcastle.

1983- Mr Frank Walker, the then-Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, introduced the Aboriginal Land Rights Bill into the NSW Legislative Assembly.

Don Chipp, today in 1977, did doth rent his Liberal Party membership in two, and then birthed the Australian Democrats (To keep the bastards honest).

1930 - Shadrach Livingstone James, Aboriginal activist, teacher, unionist and all-round nice bloke, was today published in the Herald newspaper calling for help for the Aboriginal people, stating,
"......We are the descendants of the people you have unjustly disinherited of their land, and of their privileges. We are not unreasonable in asking you to secure for the us the best prospects of free development and to provide for us a full opportunity to display our capacities, and so legislate that we should know that we live and move and have our being in Australia as right, not on sufferance. We are at present-shame on the Governments of this land-landless and homeless wanderers..."