Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25 On this day in Oz History

Today in 1892, having changed the name from the "Hummer" to the "Worker" in September of that year those in charge of the "Worker" (The Australian Workers Union newspaper) decided to move house from Wagga Wagga to Sydney.

The infamous NSW Corps was reduced in number and power to that of a Peace Establishment on this day in 1802.

1948 - The Macquarie Island ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) Station was opened and has been merrily trotting along ever since.

1954 - Our good Queen Lilibet aka Queen Liz Mark II, was in the midst of a tremendous whirlwind tour of The Fair Isle of Oz; today saw her in Port Lincoln (South Oz), then Renmark (South Oz) then off to Mildura (NSW).
The poor girl probably needed a cuppa tea, a Bex and a good lie down after all of that!

Fast forward onto 1966 and today saw the same gel officially opening Flinders University in South Oz, along with her Mama.

1877 - The Australian Immigrants Friend, Caroline Chisholm (who will never be confused with any Aussie pollie) shuffled off this mortal coil in London.

Today in 1917 was to have been the day Daylight Savings was officially kicked to the kerb...until the following year when the Commonwealth dragged it kicking and screaming out of the cupboard for yet another year (due to WW1) then crammed it back in behind the really badly knitted cardigans from Aunty Gertrude until WW2 raised its ugly head.

In 1926 on this day the Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners Advocate published a letter from William Thorpe who was beseeching all to appreciate the Aboriginal flakework found throughout the Newcastle region, and asked people to consider a museum exhibition to retain and protect this stonework.