Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29 Today in Oz History

In 1673 English King Charles mark II accepted the Test Act which had nothing whatsoever to do with the first official Cricket Test match between New Zealand and Oz today in 1946; played at The Basin Reserve in Wellington where Oz won by a single innings and 103 runs.
Charlie's Test Act outlawed Roman Catholics from all public functions.
So they couldn't have attended any cricket matches, back in the day, had they taken place.
How rude.

John Boyle O'Reilly was a Fenian sympathiser who'd done a runner from the salubrious surrounds of Fremantle Gaol in 1869 and rocked up to USA but he never forgot his Fenian brothers still languishing in Oz so he hatched a plan to rescue them; part of the plan involved helping them escape by whaling ship, the Catalpa, which parked in a berth at Bunbury on this day in 1876. 
More on this tale at at a later date...

Another gaol in our glorious history was that of the Adelaide Gaol which played host to the hanging of Thomas Donelly on this day in 1847 for the deliberate shooting murder of an Aboriginal chap, Kingberri at Rivoli Bay on September 1, 1846.

Edward John Eyre was such an original chappie that, having staggered across the Great Australian Loneliness for a few months, he and his group of blokes were so thankful they managed to sup on freshly caught fishies and find themselves some fresh water that they dubbed the place Eyre.

The very first Federal Election for The Fair Isle of Oz took place on this date in 1901, after which we were 'blessed' with the leadership of Edmund "Toby Tosspot" Barton as PM at the head of The Protectionist Party, which held a minority Govt with the support of the Labour Party (note- they still remembered the damn 'U' back then).
So...not much has changed at all.

Th coast lines of NSW and Tassie were washed a little extra today in 1964 when the effects of a tsunami that originated in Alaska were noted to have drastically altered the motion of the tides.

Today in 1857 a Census was taken in Gum Sucker territory known as Victoria; but all I can tell you is that the white population was counted at 408,998 because, being such forward-thinking chappies and knowing how it would infuriate future genealogists, the forms with personal details were all destroyed in 1892.