Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6 history stuffs

Today in Oz History, yes I'm running late and not a white rabbit in sight.

1788 - Captain Phillip sent Lt Philip Gidley King off on a 3 hour cruise to settle Norfolk Island as a resort to begin the flax and timber industry that failed so badly that Gidley King began his career as a pole dancer on one of those Norfolk Island pines much to the disgust of the locals.

1919 - The sad, miserable remains of an Aussie soldier's water bottle was found on this day at Lone Pine by the Australian Historical Mission.
Probably more than what remained of the soldier himself.
Click HERE to view the photo.

1970 - Marine scientists warned that the Great Barrier Reef was being severely damaged by a massive explosion in the population of the coral-eating Crown Of Thorns starfish....but don't worry the dredging spoil will take care of those slippery lil suckers.
1987 - At a not defined date in March the rural newspaper The Land refused to accept an advertisement for Country Network, a gay support group saying that it was “not in keeping with The Land General Conditions”.
Yeah, cos those home-Oh!-sex-you-alls are not allowed beyond the city limits into the country...or so my great aunt told me. 

1994 - A petition signed by 90 Federal MPs in an effort to re-schedule the ABC telecast of the SGLMG parade was an epic fail, and the telecast went ahead capturing 45% of the Sydney TV audience.