Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8 Oz History thingies

If you don't record your history how will you know where you're going?

1966 - The Oz Govt announced it would triple the number of troops in Vietnam.

1983 - This day was the official end of the blockade of the proposed Franklin Dam construction site which had drawn huge media attention around the world; involving much debate in both Tassie and Federal Parliaments the dam was never going to fly with the huge volume of destruction of natural wilderness it entailed.
The damming of Tasmania's Lake Pedder had shown us how natural beauty would be lost forever.

1827 - Whilst Cap. James Stirling and 18 others were poking about on the Swan River, having a good stickybeak near current-day Claisebrook they stumbled over 3 armed Noongar blokes...  “they seemed angry at the invasion of their territory, and by their violent gestures gave him reason to rejoice at the space of water, which divided them from the boat."

1840 - A mere 6.5 kms from Coleraine in Victoria, on Konongwootong Station at a spot titled The Hummocks but renamed The Fighting Hills a massacre of between 40 to 80 Konongwootong gundidj men, women and children took place by three Whyte brothers and three employees in retaliation for Aboriginal women making off with some sheep.
Despite the relevant authorities being informed of the massacre no action was taken.

1875 - A Royal Commission was appointed to consider and report upon the lighting and ventilation of the Legislative Assembly Chamber, and accommodation for Honourable Members.
Cos, obviously, the contained flatulence in the dim, stuffy chamber was making the Members nod off more than usual, and they urgently needed somewhere to recover.