Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1 Today in Aussie History

Yep, I missed out on a day or 2, never mind, the date will roll around again next year...or you could do a search in my archives and discover what blather I posted on those dates way back when.

1947 - The joint project between UK and Oz known as the Long Range Weapons Establishment was launched on this day; a mere 23 days later saw the choosing of the name Woomera (Aboriginal word for spear thrower) for the town to be built to service this project, which saw the beginning of the Aussie Space Program.

1930 - Today saw the whelping of the Australian Council for Educational Research by Ken Cunningham and Mary Campbell in two rooms in the T&G Building on the corner of Collins and Russell Streets in dear old Melbourne.

1942 - The then-PM, John Curtain was receiving all kinds of love letters from the public regarding the war with one from a bloke on this day stating,
"As the Australian aborigines up North are wonderful bushmen- and unbeatable at finding water etc. – and as they will help anyone for a plug of tobacco and gaudy clothes, it seems to me that they should all be removed far inland from any likely enemy landing places – Darwin, Wyndham, Broome, Carnarvon etc. – as if taken by the Japanese they might prove very useful to them as guides, and in securing water etc."

 1916 - In an article published on this day Edmund Milne, railways inspector and amateur ethnographe, claimed Coomee-nullanga , aged over 90 years, to be the last of the Lithic people of Murramarang on the NSW coast.

1817 - Today Governor Macquarie penned a letter to Henry Bathurst, third Earl and Brit pollie in charge of the Colonial Office, about how he'd declared "10 Aboriginal men ‘well known to be the principal and most violent instigators of the Late Murders’. They are Murrah, Myles, Wallah (alias Warren), Carbone Jack (alias Kurringy), Narrang Jack, Bunduck, Kongate, Woottan, Rachel and Yallaman. A reward of £10 is offered for anyone bringing any of them in, dead or alive."

1883 - Today Edwin Henry Murrant or Harry 'Breaker' Morant as he is better known waved farewell to Old England forever when he sailed from Plymouth to Townsville.

1874 - The Forrest Brothers, John and Alexander, set off on a Sunday amble from Geraldton in Westralia with the aim of finding a stock route and pasture land in the east.

1897 - Aboriginal resistance leader and former police tracker Jandamarra (a Bunuba man), was killed at Tunnel Creek by another Aboriginal tracker, a Pilbra man with magical powers named Minko Micki, bringing to an end a violent 3 year campaign to fight the take over of Bunuba lands.

2011 - Today at The Capital Museum in Beijing the audience was amazed at the opening of the  exhibition Trepang; China and the story of Macassan-Aboriginal Trade which detailed the little-known trepang trade between the Macassans, Aboriginal people of the Top End and China from early 17th century to early 20th century  (trade was stopped by the Commonwealth Govt in 1906) in historical records, archaeological finds, early bark paintings, culture and language.