Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10 Oz History on this day

The Gov of NSW, Sir Richard Bourke, having swanned about BearBrass or Batmania as it was known declared today in 1837 that the official name for the capital of the Port Phillip Colony shall be Melbourne (brown nosing to the then-PM of England William Lamb Viscount Melbourne) and that other place shall be Williams Town, named after the English King, William IV.
Think I'd prefer to be known as a Batmaniac myself...

Sir Henry Barkley was in a party mood today in 1862 when he officially opened the railway line from Geelong to Ballarat - so he joined the 500 guests and members of the Victorian Parliament in a grand banquet.

The Anti-Transportation folks in NSW had got themselves into a right state about preventing further convicts from trotting Down Under so today in 1851 The NSW Association for Preventing the Renewal of Transportation emailed good Queen Victoria a petition  to show they meant business.

Today in 1967 saw the very first Aussie national nightly current affairs show debut on the ABC with This Day Tonight, hosted by Bill Peach, airing Monday-Friday at 7.30pm.

Over the ditch today in 1968 and The Wahine Disaster horrified everyone; the sinking of the Lyttelton-Wellington ferry, Wahine, by storms generated by Cyclone Giselle claimed the lives of 51 people immediately, another dying several weeks later and the 53rd victim succumbing in 1990 to injuries sustained in the tragedy.