Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11 Oz history stuffs

Today in 1976 saw rock musician Alice Cooper placed under house arrest in his hotel room immediately after his record-breaking Sydney concert for allegedly owing a promoter $59,000 for a tour the previous year...but when it came to light that the promoter had kinda sorta oops failed to live up to his side of the bargain, Alice Cooper was released to fly home to the States.

Adelaide in 1948 was ripped apart by a tremendous gale that saw roofs and trees ripped up, massive damage all over the shop and a mere 72 mm of cloud juice falling. The coastline was hardest hit with large pieces of the Glenelg and Brighton jetties swept away to sea, leaving one man stranded at the end of the Glenelg jetty who had to wait til for calmer waters the next day to be rescued.
Boats and ships were wrecked with the huge survey vessel HMAS Barcoo dragged from its anchorage and shoved ashore near Glenelg.

The Broken River Massacre or Faithfull Massacre occurred today in 1838 as a group of 18 stockmen were searching out new pasturelands near Wangaratta when they were attacked by 20 Aboriginal people as a reprisal for an earlier killing of several Aboriginals at Ovens; at least one Aboriginal and 8 Europeans died in this attack, with further reprisals taking place in the following months and years.

1896 today saw the closing of the registration process to vote for the chickybabes in South Oz (including NT) and, although married sheilas were encouraged to list their marital status as their occupation, many bold hussies actually listed their paid occupations such as teachers, nurses, hotel keepers !