Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14 Oz history

Dear clever Mr Quong Tart was reported in todays edition of Australian Town and Country Journal of 1894 as travelling to China to visit his mother in Canton and to open up trade relations with China, particularly in regards to Australian wool - "... It has often been predicted that China will one day enter the arena of the world's commerce as a manufacturer of textile fabrics..."

 Today in 1879 Henri L'Estrange, having taken to the wide blue yonder from Victoria Barracks in Melbourne, performed the first emergency parachute descent of a hot air balloon in Oz when the patches holding his balloon together came adrift and plonked him down with nary an injury behind Government House.

Sydney was graced on this day in 1999 with 500,000 tonnes of hailstones via a supercell storm that left a damages bill of A$2.3 billion.

Tom Saunders became a very happy camper today in 1870 when he tripped over a pile of gold at Gulgong and started a major rush for riches.

Quan Sing, a general store owner in Derby, WA, had multiple issues with the law of the land in his day; despite having born in Hong Kong (and therefore classified as a natural born British subject) he'd had his alcohol license and permits to employ Aboriginals revoked, and had been prosecuted in the courts for continuing to employ 'natives' in 1913 he again wrote to the Attorney General requesting the reinstatement of his permit as he urgently needed to employ an Aboriginal woman to assist his wife who was pregnant with their 7th child.
His request was again denied.

Back in 1925 the rural areas were crying out for labour so the Big Brother scheme was launched today that saw the immigration of child migrants from Britain to Oz, with the first lads arriving in Melbourne on the ship Jervis Bay in December of that same year.

The Human Rights Act was ratified by Oz today in 1981.
Someone wanna send a memo to the Big Two political parties in Canberra  cos I think they've forgotten.