Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16 Stuffz in the past of Oz

Today in 2011 the town of Bowen in Banana Bender Country (Queensland) was rockin' it old skool when a 5.3 earthquake hit town just as the ankle biters were let loose from school at 3.30pm.

The University of Queensland was pupped today waaay back in the Dark Ages of 1910 to the joyful squeals of those what got learned proper stuffs.

Again in QLD there was undoubtedly cream sponges, shortbread bikkies and the obligatory Iced Vo-Vo passed about with gay abandon when the railway line from Dalby to Ipswitch was done and dusted today in 1868.

The horrific Massacre at Appin (NSW) in 1816 began on this day when word came through to the soldiers charged with "rounding up the hostile natives" that a group of Dharawal people were camped near Broughton's farm at Appin.
Investigating at 1am (17th April) the soldiers heard children crying at the camp before the dogs roused the sleeping Aboriginals who leapt to their deaths over the cliffs while others were shot by soldiers.

The naval chap turned policeman turned explorer Colonel Peter Egerton Warburton suffered from Itchy this was not Rampaging Footrot but merely the urge to go trotting about the vast continent called Oz he didn't bother with any over-the-counter creams.
Instead he set off for a stroll from Central Australia today in 1873 to have a Captain Cook (look) for an overland route between here and being Alice Springs and there being Perth.

Remember them thar Fenians who were plotting and planning the escape of their compatriots from the drear Fremantle Gaol back in 1876?
Well, they'd parallel parked their ship the Catalpa between Rottnest and Garden Islands on this day - being Easter Sunday way back when - and successfully effected the escape of the political prisoners on Easter Monday (17th April) and probably had a proper knees up on board to celebrate.