Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18 Oz History today in the past, present and future

In 1951 Dame Daisy Bates, controversial Irish-born journo who spent time with the Aboriginal people and who may or may not have been entirely truthful about their lives, dropped off the perch today in a nursing home.

Pig Iron Bob Menzies was voted in as leader of the United Australia Party today in 1939 and was sworn in (and undoubtedly sworn at) as Prime Minister 8 days later.

One-time hubby of the aforementioned Dame Daisy Bates, Breaker Harry Morant, had been court martialed in secret (against regulations) and shot in February, but despite the court transcripts conveniently going missing a summary of the trumped up nonsense appeared in the London Times today in 1902.

Today in 1831 the Sydney Herald/Sydney Morning Herald was pupped making it the oldest newspaper in Oz celebrating its 183rd birthday today.