Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4 Historical Aussie events wot happened today

Aren't we a happy little bunch of campers in this island continent?
In 1928 the Darwin Unions saw cheap (read underpaid) Aboriginal labour as a threat to white workers and so the Sydney Morning Herald today reported how there had been a call to boycott all businesses that employed Aboriginal people including Chinese cafes, pastoralists and mining companies.

In 1966 the dreaded National Service call up was altered just-ever-so-slightly when the Govt decided to magnanimously include immigrants in the call to armed action on this day ...although they kinda sorta didn't mention it until August 10.

Today in 1821 saw the Gov. and Mrs Macquarie having a delightful sail on the good ship Midas about the Southern Settlements to have a Captain Cook at how things were going.

Following the downfall of 450 millimeters of rain on April 2 and 3 today in 1929 saw the straw that broke the camels back - or in this case the Briseis Dam in Tassie - when the final 125 mm fell into the catchment; the dam broke with the huge volume of water flooding the town of Derby and the Briseis mine, resulting in the loss of 14 lives.

As they farewelled the 7 horses, 20 mules and 50 bullocks from Roma, QLD - who were accompanied by Ludwig Leichardt and 6 other blokes - no one realised the mothership/Yowie/bunyip/rogue black panther/ was waiting for them somewhere in the vast Aussie outback, and that they'd never be seen again.

Maitland Brown was a bloke on a mission - to find the missing (believed dead) explorers Panter, Harding and Goldwyer in the Kimberley. Today in 1865 he was holding an Aboriginal law-man, Karimba, as a prisoner and guide, but Karimba began leading Brown's search party in the wrong direction whilst trying to set up an ambush.

1983 and Save The Franklin fight was at fever pitch; the Tassie Govt had poo-poohed the Commonwealth Govts attempt to make it cease and desist construction of the damn dam so the Feds took the Taswegian Govt to the High court on this day.