Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5 The thrilling things that exploded into Oz history today

Well, thank you Blogger hiccup, that was a premature post!

Here we are in 1913 on the day when the shortest serving Judge of the High Court of Oz, Albert Bathurst Piddington, spat the dummy and resigned only a mere month after his appointment.
In fact, so short was his appointment he never actually parked his bum on the bench; skullduggery and political shenanigans saw him a pawn in the game being played by PM Andrew Fisher and Attorney-General Billy Hughes to stack the High Court in order for the Federal Govt to hold more power over corporations, industrial relations and the right to nationalise monopolies.

The Adelaide Rowing Club was graced with a visit from the Champion Sculler of the World, Mr William Beach, today in 1886; a blacksmith by trade Bill Beach grew up in NSW and held the title of Champion Sculler of the World from 1884 - 1887. After the visit to the Adelaide Rowing Club shed Bill Beach and members of the shed exited to the York Hotel for a jocular luncheon.

A solar eclipse took place today in 1856 during which a Bindal man stated it was caused by his son covering over the sun to frighten another Bindal man.
The Bindal people (from near Townsville) believe that the shooting star is an important symbol; that where the star came from or the direction in which it was travelling indicated that there was a danger.

Today in 1855 finds us at the nuptials of Charles Todd and Alice Bell; during this delightful day Charlie told his bride that he hoped to connect Oz and England with telegraphic communication...which he was to go on and accomplish when The Overland Telegraph connected Oz to England with a single wire in 1872.

 Hilarious news report on Police Incidents in The Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser today in 1834.
It's been 180 years since it was written but the wit is still fresh and will give you a giggle.