Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7 Today in Oz History thingies

The NSW Govt-built schooner (that's a ship not a beer glass) Prince Regent, intended as a gift for the King of the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) was launched  with spectacular gusto today in 1819; having taken over 3 years to build it was a bit of a let down when Lord Bathurst sent a text from the Colonial Office to Macquarie suggesting the ship would make a fully sick boat for Lieut. King in which to gallivant about the continent.
But King wanted a roolly fully wicked ship so he flashed the cash and bought himself another boat so the Prince Regent toddled about doing donkey work until she was finally sailed off into the sunset towards Hawaii and taken possession of by King Liholiho on May 1st 1822.

Think 2013 was the first and only time Oz has sailed under 3 different Prime Ministers inside a single year?
Think again.
Waaay back in the Dark Ages of 1939 Joseph Lyons popped his clogs on this day when he suffered a heart attack .
Joe Lyons was on this same day succeeded by a caretaker PM, Earle Page, who had the indignity of being possibly the shortest serving PM by holding office for a mere 19 days before Pig Iron Bob Menzies took over the steering wheel.
Three Prime Ministers all in one year.
Who says History never repeats...?

Today in 1893 saw the ever-so-ungainly collapse of the Commercial Bank of Oz when the cocks came home to roost after the silly 'Land Boomers' had done their dough, done other peoples' dough and some had done the 10 feet dash at the end of a rope after the huge land speculation chicanery came undone, plunging the whole of Oz into a great economic depression.

Passing with as much ease as the mornings prunes was the Bill through Victorian Parliament to abolish the Death penalty on this day in 1975 after a rather heated 21 hour debate.