Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8 Stuffs in Aussie History

The Moonie-Brisbane Pipeline was thrown open for business today in 1964, inaugurating the production of Australia's first commercial oil field.

A decade later in 1974 saw Prime Minister Gough Whitlam telling us all that we would now warble Advance Or-stray-ya Fair instead of the old standard God Save The Queen.

Matthew Flinders - that well-trained servant of the famous cat Trim - was pottering about the coast when he happened upon a French explorer chappie by the name of Nicholas Baudin today in 1802; being the polite, well-mannered souls that they were they sat and shared a coupla scones, a pot of tea, and various charts, maps and where-you-can-find-fresh-water knowledge as those explorer peeps are wont to do.
Matthew must have enjoyed the conversation greatly for he dubbed the spot Encounter Bay.

Mad Dog Morgan aka John Fuller aka John Smith aka the bushranger with a slight homicidal bent, one Daniel Morgan, was doing his worst at Peechelba Station near Wangaratta today in 1865; he lorded it about by ordering the whole household into the dining room ( just to watch him stuff himself) and demanded that Mrs MacPherson play the piano whilst he et.
The crafty nursemaid got Mad Dog Morgan's permission to attend to a crying babe but instead scurried out through a window to raise the alarm at a neighbours...police did their usual thing and Mad Dog Morgan - along with his murdering ways - was finished the next day.