Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making a mockery of International Year of The Family Farmer 2014

 Why is a rural bank dismissing Federal Government payments for carbon credit farming and kicking a family off it's farm?
 Why is the bank claiming that the Federal Government carbon farming initiative will devalue the farm for future development?
If they can do this to one farming family how many others will be turned off their land, too?
News item HERE.

From Facebook....
Help is needed folks, for two of our own.
There is a farmer, who's name shall be kept anonymous out of respect, he is walking (yes, literally) off his land, this Friday at Condomine in Qld - he IS alone, receivers have a manager on his land now. Who can be there to offer him support? 

These people need to know they're not alone, anything you can do to help, even just be there, this is the time for people to step up and show a fellow family of the land that we're there for them. 
God knows and god forbid, one day you might need the same help. 
If you want to know contact details, please message Mt Morris Station who are also in dire straits. Tell them Station Photo's sent you. 
More explaination on their page. 
Please share if you know of anyone who can help. 
We're a proud bunch but thats not to say we don't need a pat on the back or a kind word when it all goes to hell. 
Make us proud Australia. 

Due to the number of requests of offers of people wishing to do cash donations to help Rowell and Debbie Walton - farming family being evicted and their family an account has been established.
This account has been set up by friends of the Walton family to try and help them. The details below are what I have been given.
If you do decide to donate, even $5.00 please be advised that this is considered a voluntary donation from you to help - a cash donation - there are no receipts given, just think of it as purchasing a cup of coffee - but this coffee, helps a family who has helped to feed your family over his families generations on the land.

The details are as follows:
Name of account: Cranky
BSB: 124001
Account Number: 22159066

More info at A History of Mount Morris Station on Facebook.