Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1 On This Day in Australian History

August 1 OnThisDay in Australian History

1791 - The Third Fleet rocked up in Port Jackson.

1832 -  "After a couple of unpleasant murders" (as opposed to jolly murders) betwixt settlers and Aboriginal people in WA Stirling established the Corps of Mounted Police, under the command of Captain Theophilus Ellis, with a Mr Northcott as Assistant Superintendent, and orders were sent to Cape Town for horses.

1877 - Royal Commission on the Aborigines presented its final report to Parliament.
Following the 1877 Royal Commission on the Aborigines, the Reverend Frederick Strickland was appointed manager in the hopes to quell the swelling unrest that had been present since the dismissal of John Green, manger at Coranderrk.

1882 - The Mordialloc to Frankston railway line opened.

1883 - Scarsdale Junction to Scarsdale rail line opened.

1902 - The magazine New Idea was first published.

1905 - Grata Flos Matilda Greig became the first chickybabe to be admitted to the Bar in Victoria, and the first to enter the legal profession in Australia.

1916 - Just to confuse everyone (aside from the fact that the wattle is currently in bloom around Sydney) NSW adopted this date as Wattle Day.
*Everyone got together in 1992 and agreed to have a Wattle Day Knees up on September 1.

1923 - Melbourne bound "Adelaide Express" derailed at Glenorchy due to floodwaters.

1930 - The peasants were revolting!
A group of unemployed people left Port Adelaide shortly before 10 am and marched to the city demanding work or the basic wage and the removal of police from the waterfront at the Port. The party numbering about 100, said to be led by Communists, carried red flags and placards with inscriptions such as ‘We want work or full sustenance’.

1949 - The Snowy Mountains Authority came into being, initiating Australia's greatest feat of engineering in the 20th century.

1949  - The Australian government sent in army troops to work the mines during the extensive Coal Miner's Strike, effectively ending the strike.

1971 - Everyone travelling in cars in NSW were bound by law to belt up after this date.

1978 - The Terang (Mortlake Junction) to Mortlake railway line was closed.

1984 -  Australian banks were deregulated. Foreign banks were invited to operate in Australia on 10 September.

1987 - The Flinders St to St Kilda rail line was closed, (later converted to tram line).

 2007 - Mr Bruce Trevorrow became the first member of the Stolen Generations to successfully sue the state for compensation as a result of his removal from his family as a baby. Mr Trevorrow was awarded and paid compensation of $775,000, including interest.