Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11 On This Day in Australian History

1805 - At the Hawkesbury, the Reverend Samuel Marsden baptised a three-year-old Aboriginal child, saved by Thomas Rickerby while clinging to the breast of his dying mother, who had been ‘mangled’ with a tomahawk

1807 - Gov William Bligh fined Simeon Lord, Henry Kable and James Underwood and gaoled them for a month for "writing a letter in improper terms" seeking permission to tranship goods without unloading them.

1824  - New South Wales was constituted a Crown Colony.

1828 - A letter appeared in the Sydney Monitor newspaper outlining the shocking behaviour of William Underwoods gang of Bushrangers (all escaped convicts except Underwood) in the Illawarra region.

1838 - The first meeting of Freemasonry in South Australia was held at the Assembly Rooms, Black's Port Lincoln Hotel, Franklin Street.

1846 - Between 4 and 5 o’clock two men came to the house of Mr. Perfrement, Golden Fleece, at Gammon Plains and remained there drinking until the following Friday evening.
The thirsty chaps turned out to be bushrangers McIntyre and Rideout.

1853 - The frigate Madagascar left Melbourne for London with 70,000 oz of gold on board, and is never seen again.

1869 - The shores of NSW were once again washed a little more vigorously with the effects of a tsunami of unknown origin made itself felt.

1874 - Ballarat to Beaufort rail line (Vic) was opened.

1877 - Alfred Edward Gerard, merchant, Aboriginal Activist, welfare worker, was dropped off by the stork today in South Oz - Gerard financed a project at Winkie, which began in 1944, with leasehold land covering 5800 acres (2300 ha) and a River Murray frontage. It included a small chapel and was called Gerard Mission. He wrote of it, 'I was standing on the “Land of Promise” … ours for the natives to the glory of God … to assist in redeeming our great debt to the Aborigines'.

1881 - Waubra Junction to Ballarat Racecourse branchline  (Vic) opened.

1883 - Krakatoa was venting its spleen with 3 vents regularly erupting on this day.

1884 - 1st double-century stand in Test cricket,McDonnell/Murdoch 207 Australia.

1886 - Coode Canal opened; it is the reach of the lower Yarra River in Melbourne designed by Sir John Coode to improve access for ships to Melbourne's main river docks. The canal caused the shallow, narrow and winding Fishermans Bend to be cut off along with other sections of the river including Humbug Reach and the original junction with the Maribyrnong River.

1894 - New Sydney Hospital in Macquarie Street opened.

1894 - The statue of Queen Victoria in Victoria Square, Adelaide, was unveiled.

1900 - Protector leaves Sydney for China ; The Protector was the flagship of South Australia's naval force. She played a limited role in suppressing the Boxer Rebellion but went on to become the longest-serving ship in Australia.

1905 - George Witton, who'd been found guilty alongside Breaker Morant, had his life sentence overturned by the British House of Commons on this day.

1905 - An outbreak of plague was reported at Maryborough (QLD) with the deaths of 5 members of one family and 2 nurses.

1914 -  The destroyers HMAS Parramatta, HMAS Yarra and HMAS Warrego, covered by the light cruiser HMAS Sydney, prepared to launch a torpedo attack on the German anchorages in Simpsonhaven and Matupi Harbour, New Britain, but found the enemy squadron gone.

1914 - Due to the outbreak of World War I, the Commonwealth Government imposed press censorship.

1914 - The Red Cross was established in Australia as a Branch of the British Red Cross Society in Melbourne.

1919 - The last train to pass over the viaduct on the eastern line through the Adelaide hills trundled off into history;  when the heavier locomotives came into operation the viaduct was deemed unsafe and a line skirting the gullies and a new and longer tunnel was built through Sleeps Hill.

1921 - Essendon Airport in Melbourne was opened.

1928 - The Sydney Morning Herald published details of what was to become known as the Conniston Massacre, with a police party killing 17 Aboriginal people as a reprisal for the killing of a white digger in Central Australia.

1933 - A conference between the two rival bodies of Australian Rules Football and Rugby League to amalgamate Australian football and Rugby League.was held on August 2nd  involving the Australian National Football Council when the triennial Carnival was being played between all States in Sydney –  a trial match (which proved unsuccessful) was played on August 11.

1952 - Australia's academics criticised newsreaders for adopting the "Australian drawl" in their speech.

1956 - Clarkefield to Lancefield passenger service (Vic) ended.

1965 -  Bill Woodfull, Australian captain during the Bodyline controversy in 1932-33, died aged 67 while playing golf at Tweed Heads, New South Wales.

1965 - The section of rail line from Wades Siding to the Occidental Mine on the Peaks Branch Line (NSW) was closed.

1965 - Tom Lammon died, one of the last original Australia South Sea Islander immigrant generation.

1966 - The Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966 was passed in South Australia. This law marked the first major recognition of Aboriginal Land rights by an Australian government.

1967 - The first meeting of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties homosexuality sub-committee met and agreed to support reform similar to the UK reform of 1967.

1989 - A pilots' strike crippled domestic air travel in Australia.

1993 - A 4WD vehicle was crashed through the gates of Parliament House, Canberra, leading to an upgrade of security.

1998 - The Ian Potter Museum of Art was opened at the University of Melbourne by Jeff Kennett, Premier of Victoria.

1998 - Local government delegates from around Australia gathered in Canberra for an Indigenous issues briefing ahead of the 1998 National General Assembly of Local Government. The Indigenous Issues Briefing had become an annual feature of the National General Assembly providing the opportunity for local Councils to discuss is-sues and opportunities to improve the planning, co-ordination and delivery of services to Indigenous communities.

1998 - The Queensland Government set itself a four year target of doubling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in the State public sector, the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy, Judy Spence, announced.

1999 - ATSIC chair Gatjil Djerrkura said a lack of proper consultation with the Australian people had sunk the referendum on the republic and the preamble. Mr Djerrkura said the preamble was meant to be an asprational document to unite the nation, but had been drafted behind closed doors without any meaningful consultation with the Australian people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

2000 -  The Katherine Aboriginal Families Support Unit (KAFSU) was registered as a business under the Northern Territory Business Names Act.

2003 - It was announced that Uluru’s fast-disappearing rock art would be digitally recorded to preserve it for future generations.

2010 - Traditional Owner Settement Bill Second reading (Vic).

2012 - Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras announced plans to establish a museum to celebrate its history and the history of the struggle for LGBT rights in Australia.

2012 - 100 Year Commemoration of the Cootamundra Aboriginal Girls Training Home.