Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3 On This Day in Australian History

1838 -  Select Committee of the House of Commons in Great Britain delivered its report criticizing transportation. The report recommended the abolition of transportation to NSW but was prepared to allow its continuance to Van Dieman's Land.

1840 - In an official letter to the Surveyor General on this day   Robert Dixon,during his survey from South Passage to the Richmond River, wrote of his sighting of “a very large encampment of natives….whose numbers must be above
300…..and they had a corobery the night before.”
Dixon’s location at the time was between Tallebudgera Creek and Point Danger, in the vicinity of Cobaki Broadwater.

1856 - Alfred Deakin , Prime Minister, was pupped in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

1899 - The Maitland Mercury newspaper reported that,
" A “blackfellow’s water-bottle of curious design” was found in the Wollombi district by resident of Watagon Creek, Mr W. Brown. The bottle was 10 inches high, appears to have been fashioned of clay on the end of a small round stick, and burnt until it assumed the consistency of potteryware. A plaster-cast of clay appears to have been put on the end of a round stick, and burned in the fire until it had become exceedingly hard. There seems to be two coatings on the bottle — an inner and outer — the sides being about a quarter of an inch thick, and the aboriginals are said to have used them for various purposes, such as carrying wild honey,water, or fire.  "

1900 - Women demonstrated at the Temperance Hall to petition MPs for the right to vote in Victorian elections.

1903 - 2 Premiership matches were played that year, both in Sydney; on this day Geelong defeated Carlton.

1918 - Australia House opened in London.

1952 -  Women athletes won 4 of Australia's 6 gold medals at the Helsinki Olympics. Marjorie Jackson won gold in 100-metre and 200-metre sprints.

1962 – The first members of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam arrive in Vietnam.

1970 - Work on the Melbourne's West Gate Bridge was suspended for steel re-stregthening. Just over two months later a span of the bridge collapsed, killing 35 workers.

1971 - The West Gate Bridge Royal Commission found that project designers Freeman Fox and Partners were primarily responsible for the disaster, which killed 35 workers.

1972 - Dennis Altman and Sue Wills spoke at an Forum on Homosexuality at Macquarie University Union.

1974 - The first Reefer Cabaret show was held at the Dallas Brooks Hall, with Dingoes, Skylight, Wind and Skyhooks.

1984 - The Australian Broadcasting Corporation announced that gay couples would be treated on the same basis as heterosexual 'de facto' couples in regard to special benefits, leave, etc.

1986 - The Spirit of Progress galloped along the rails for the last time.
1986 - The Southern Aurora also galloped along the rails for the final time.
With declining passenger numbers it was decided to combine the Spirit of Progress and Southern Aurora into one train, the unimaginatively named Sydney/Melbourne Express.
The 3 hour 40 minute journey time of the 1937 steam-hauled Spirit of Progress service was barely improved upon by the fastest NSW TrainLink XPT  at 3 hours 20 mins.

1987 - A ‘gay premiere” of the musical Jerry’s Girls at the Footbridge Theatre, organised by the Knights of the Chameleons and Donnie Smith, raised over $4,000 for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.

1988 - 7 panels made in Sydney for the Names Project Quilt were flown to the US. They commemorated Gordon Cass, Bobbie Goldsmith, Colin Hamilton, Martyn Ilbury, Barry McGrath, Sam Nichols and Tone Wieruszewski.

1999 - Ms Jackie Huggins, co-convenor of the Documents Committee of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, held a press conference at Parliament House, Canberra. Ms Huggins outlined the process of nation-wide consultations with the aim of achieving the broadest possible support from indigenous Australians and the wider community on the Documents of Reconciliation.

2002 -  The fourth National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts Conference became one of the key events of the 2002 Adelaide Festival. The conference covered issues from intellectual and cultural property, representation, and on-the-ground issues for Indigenous artists.

2003 - Plans were announced for an Aboriginal interpretive trail in Perth to link the Swan River, the cultural centre, East Perth and the foreshore within five years.