Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30 On This Day in Australian History

1807 - Governor Bligh suspended publication of the Sydney Gazette because of a shortage of paper. The next issue was 15 May 1808.

1833 - The ship Amphitrite, bound for NSW with 106 female convicts and 12 children on board, was driven ashore off France; only 3 persons survived.

1835 - The first European settlers landed on the north bank of the Yarra River from the schooner Enterprize (there goes the neighbourhood).This group was led by Captain John Lancey with Launceston builder George Evans and his servant Evan Evans, carpenters William Jackson and Robert Hay Marr, ploughman Charles Wise and blacksmith James Gilbert and his wife Mary.

1838 - In celebration of the Enterprize arriving with Melbourne’s first settlers onboard three years earlier in 1835 the first Melbourne Regatta (and the first of its kind in Australia) was held, making it the oldest regatta in the Fair Isle of Oz.

1845 - Thomas Shaw, of the Woolpack Inn, Parramatta Rd, Petersham, announced in Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting ‘ Reviewer that he intended “to open,shortly a full-sized beautiful bowling green, especially for amateurs of this true old English game.”

1853 - The last ship to carry convicts directly from Ireland to Australia, the 'Phoebe Dunbar', popped in (for a cuppa) to Fremantle.

1870 - The Intercolonial Exhibition of General Industries and Arts opened in Sydney. It was held at the Exhibition Building at Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills and was a preparatory display for the International Exhibition in London in the following year.

1886 - Charlie Samuels from Jimbour Station near Dalby in Queensland outclassed his opponents in the final of the Eighth Sir Joseph Banks Handicap sprint race at Carington Ground in Sydney.

1890 - A bore at Narooma Station, NSW, struck the largest basin of artesian water yet discovered.

1906 - The first driver’s licence in Australia was issued in South Australia to William Hargreaves, who held the position of government analyst and chief inspector of explosives in South Australia. Trained as a chemist, Hargreaves had an interest in vehicles and fuel sources, and examined the feasibility of alternative fuel sources during World War I and II, even powering his own automobile on a mixture of molasses and petrol as World War I came to a close.

1916 – Rescue of the 22 men Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition who had remained on Elephant Island.

1918 - Australian 3rd Division commenced attack of the "Battle of Mont St Quentin".

1918 - The Aberdeen South Railway Line (NSW) was opened between Aberdare South Junction - Aberdare South Colliery

1932 - At both Bondi and Newcastle there were non-fatal shark attacks; both were men whose hands were bitten by sharks they had landed while fishing.

1943 - Augustus Downs Airfield, north Queensland, was disbanded.

1944 - Townsville Naval Headquarters moved from Australian Camp Hospital into new premises on the northern corner of King Street and Flinders Street East, Townsville.

1945 - All Heavey Anti-aircraft batteries in Brisbane were disbanded, including the 6 (385th) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery at Fort Lytton. The site is now the Caltex Oil Refinery.

1955 - A 5.8 magnitude earthquake, with an epicentre at Gabalong, WA, was felt 200kms away in Perth.

1959 - A Sandtiger shark left no injury to a male swimmer on this day in Tasmania.

1966 - Sydney student Peter Kocan was sentenced to life imprisonment for the attempted murder of federal ALP leader Arthur Calwell.

1971 - Members of Women's Liberation marched in Melbourne protesting against sexism in the union movement.

1975 - The first edition of ABC Radio's "The Science Show" was aired, presented by Robyn Williams.

1979 - A national union meeting of homosexual unionists was held in Melbourne. It was sponsored by the Australian Council of Salaried and Professional Associations.

1979 - The (Melbourne) monthly magazine Gay Community News (later Outrage) developed out of the Homosexual Conference newsletter.

1980 - The Sixth National Conference for Lesbians and Homosexual Men opened at Sydney University.

1981 - Drilling operations started at Noonkanbah when a convoy of trucks under police escort was sent from Perth. The WA government was criticised by the UN following a visit by an Aboriginal delegation. No oil was found at Noonkanbah.

1983 - Canberra joined the XPT network, bringing the National Capital within 4 hours 10 minutes of Sydney by rail.

1985 - The NSW Premier, Neville Wran, warns that doctors who do not comply with new HIV/AIDS regulations face deregistration and a $1000 fine for each offence.

1990 – Surry Hills massacre – Paul Anthony Evers killed 5 people and injured 7 with a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun at a public housing precinct in Surry Hills, New South Wales before surrendering to police.

1991 - A Japanese fisherman from Miyagi while on board the Japanese longline trawler Fukuya No.38, 100 nm northeast of Brisbane had a wee run-in with a shark that bit his arm, nearly severing it as the chap was finning the shark at the time.

1992 - The (national) Australian Greens Party was formally launched on this day.

1992 - The Sydney Harbour Tunnel opened.

1999 - The 9th Annual Drag Industry Variety Awards (DIVAs) night was held at the Star City Showroom.

2001 - The release of a report which showed that Indigenous art accounted for $36 million or 17 per cent of total sales through commercial art galleries in Australia.

2004 - Sydney's Pride History Group was incorporated.

2005 - In Australia protesters demanding an end to the Iraq war and a cut in Third World debt broke through a steel fence around the Sydney Opera House at the start of the Forbes Global CEO Conference.

2006 - Canadian miner Uranium One said it had approved Australia's fourth uranium mine, the Honeymoon project in the South Australian outback.

2007 - A major new study said nearly 10 percent of Australians are living in poverty despite a booming economy, but its findings were disputed by PM John Howard.

2008 - Ben Vining was bumped off his surf board at Tallow Beach, Byron Bay by a shark; he sustained no injuries.

2009 - A surge in sexually transmissible infection rates prompted the NSW Government to revive the safe sex message for teenagers and young adults in a new campaign. A third of sexually active teenagers have their first experience before the age of 14 but almost a third did not know they could catch STIs from oral sex.

2012 - Indonesian fishermen found 50 Sri Lankan asylum seekers, who were trying to reach Australia, on a boat with a broken engine and brought them ashore.