Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6 On This Day in Australian History

1699 - William Dampier, ex-Brit backpacker of the high seas, rocked up at Sharks Bay in WA and prmotly named it Sharks Bay after the splendid meal he enjoyed there.

1800 - William Baker Ashton, first Governor of Adelaide Gaol, was pupped on this day.

1818 - At Newcastle, Governor Macquarie writes: ‘At Night Jack, als. "Burigon" King of the Newcastle Native Tribe, with about 40 men, women &children of his Tribe... entertained with a Carauberie [Corroboree] in high stile [sic] for Half an Hour in the Grounds in rear of Govt. House. - I ordered them to be Treated with some Grog and an allowance of Maize.’

1859 - SS Admella wrecked off south-east coast of South Australia with the loss of 89 lives.

1874 - William Cooper, an Australian Aboriginal political activist and community leader, had arrived at Maloga, an Aboriginal Mission on the Murray,  run by Daniel and Janet Matthews only three days earlier when Matthews, struck by 4 yr old William’s quick progress in literacy, noted the following in his diary:"Maloga. The boy, Billy Cooper, shows great aptitude for learning. He has acquired a knowledge of the Alphabet, capital and small letters, in three days and then taught Bobby – capitals only – in one day."

1877 - Hermansberg Mission, on the Finke River in the Northern Territory, was founded by two German Lutheran Missionaries named Schwarz and Kempe.

1879 - First match played at night using electric light: Collingwood Artillery and East Melbourne drew in front of 12,000.

1915 - The August Offensive at Gallipoli commenced.

1951 - Daryl Somers the Australian television host was born.

1967 -  "The Explosion Factory" a multimedia event, was staged at East Sydney Technical College, with music by The Id and films by UBU.

1968 - "Rocket" Rod Laver won the men's singles title in the first Wimbledon Open.

1973 - Dr Neil McConaghy’s aversion therapy seminar at the University of NSW was disrupted by gay activists.

1983 - The Hiroshima Day Rally (Sydney) of 15,000 was opened by the Gay Liberation Quire. There was a large Enola Gay contingent.

1994 - Ellalong, NSW, was rocked by 5,4 magnitude earthquake that resulted in 5 people being injured, 1,000 homes and 50 other buildings being damaged,
Total damage  bill was $36 million.

1995 - Enola Gay Group participated in a march to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and lesbian activist Zohl de Ishtar later joined a protest ship bound for Muroroa, the French nuclear testing site.

2000 - Victorian magistrates made legal history on this day, when they gathered in court to give a formal apology to Aboriginal people for past injustices and a commitment to respect Indigenous culture. Chief Magistrate Michael Adams, accompanied by 17 other magistrates, handed over a deed of apology and commitment to a senior Aboriginal Elder in Melbourne.

2000 - The Olympic flame arrived at Uluru, with the torch being handed over to the first torch bearer, Australia’s first Aboriginal gold medallist Nova Peris-Kneebone. This was the first day of Australia’s 100-day torch relay, which ended at the Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony on September 15.

 2003 - Prime Minister John Howard pledged $1.5 million to help Aboriginal families manage their money.

2004 - The High Court ruled that harsh detention conditions are not unlawful. The decision is handed down in the case of Behrooz v Secretary Of The Department Of Immigration And Multicultural And Indigenous Affairs.
The High Court also on this day ruled that asylum seekers can be detained indefinitely. The decision is handed down in the case of Al-Kateb v Godwin. The Court holds that unsuccessful asylum seekers who could not be removed to another country, despite their wish to leave Australia, could continue to be held in immigration detention indefinitely.

2009 - Sam the koala, rescued from backburning operations in Victoria, was euthanased due to the effects of chlamydia.

2010 - Australian scientists reported a study revealing that sea sponges share almost 70 percent of human genes.