Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11 On This Day in Australian History

Not much to report as todays date is somewhat over-shadowed by events elsewhere in the world.
Got another walk in yesterday from Oakleigh to that living hell Chadstone and back.
Crowded with zombies obsessed with obtaining the newest en flique item whether they actually need it or not.
The Spouse and I started sending pamper packs and goodie bags to several remote Indigenous communities last year; it's a bit fkn rude when the local shop charges mega bucks for basic foods and hygiene products...when it's a choice between toothpaste or feeding the family toothcare is voted as less of importance. 
Kids in some communities have only tin cans on strings as toys.
Makes me a little fkn cross to see the blatant waste of 'disposable income' on crap that will be in landfill within the year.
I don't think any of us would survive very well on the limited type of goods and high prices on offer in some remote communities; even goods well beyond the 'best before' date are sometimes the only thing available to residents in isolated towns.
Pisses me off that (Aboriginal) kids are growing up seeing that as 'normal', that their community is only worthy of  expensive inedible food, while in the cities we have a growing obesity problem with privileged white kids.

1795 – Floods devastated the farms at Hawkesbury.

1795 - Lt-Gov William Paterson sashayed away when Gov. John Hunter took over the top job in the colony.

1803 - John Bowen with a party of forty-eight founded the first settlement in Van Diemen's Land near the Derwent River.

1851 - Elections were held for the first Legislative Council of Victoria.

1863 - Ward and a companion, Frederick Britten, slipped away from their Cockatoo Island workgang and hid for two days before swimming from the north side of the island, almost certainly to Woolwich.

1879 - The Breeza - Gunnedah section of the Mungindi Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1908 - The 'Great White Fleet' arrived in Albany, WA, and remained until 18 September. Albany was an important coaling stop for the Fleet.

1914 - Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force landed at Rabaul ; the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force landed at Rabaul and went into action at Bitapaka. This was the only major New Guinea action of the First World War.

1922 - The Sun News-Pictorial was founded.

1928 - Charles Kingsford Smith completed the first flight across the Tasman landing at the Wigram aerodrome.

1945 - Japanese forces on Timor signed the surrender document on board HMAS MORESBY,

1969 - LEUT Ronald C. Ramsey, USN, deck officer of USS FRANK E EVANS, (destroyer), entered a plea of guilty of negligence before a court martial investigating the collision with HMAS MELBOURNE, (aircraft carrier). LEUT Ramsey was sentenced to lose 1000 promotional numbers.

1970 - The John Fairfax group acquired 25 per cent of Land Newspaper Ltd. (forerunner of Rural Press Ltd).
1978 - There were plenty of Queens of the desert today when they frocked up to celebrate  that the coat of arms of the Northern Territory was granted by Queen Elizabeth II.

1990 - Today saw the closure of Perth Daily News (estab. 1882).

1993 - Ansett Airlilnes commenced international service to Bali, Indonesia.

1999 - The historic Hotel Darwin was declared structurally unsound and was demolished.

2011 - Serena Williams was defeated in the Women's Singles at the 2011 U.S. Open by Samantha Stosur of Australia.


  1. Hiss and spit at our misplaced priorities. And the throw-away society which has readily throws out people (who don't fit the glossy image) as it does expensive and outdated consumerables.

  2. Exactly, EC.
    Too many mongrels, not enough bullets ;)

  3. The least the government should do is subsidise freight costs so the gap between city and outback prices is less.

  4. Andrew, the couple of people I've spoken to on the phone in these remote communities placed that as a high priority , more than millions of $ that get thrown at communities that get swallowed up by 'committees' before a single cent actually reaches a person.