Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13 On This Day in Australian History

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The canine furbaby Pip loves to slide down the side of the couch into my lap, despite the fact I (most times) have a lap top sitting in my lap...Pip's claws have dislodged the key covers for A (went MIA ages ago) and this morning S attempted to escape. It's back but hesitant to actually give me an S unless I hammer the bastard thing. Which is a pain in the arse for September.
Looks like I will be going on the Dunolly History Tour next Monday, as the Spouse needs to get some work done on the repairs around the house. As soon as the house is repaired it goes on the market and we get outta Dodge for Dunolly.
Good god, some of the comments coming out of the anti-Marriage Equality Camp are disgusting. Some people need their mouths - and what little brains they possess - to be scrubbed clean with soap.

1796 - The Governor of NSW, CAPT John Hunter, RN, liked the cut of his jib so he appointed Thomas Moore Master Boat Builder of His Majesty's Dockyard at Sydney.

1826 - The Hobart Gazette published an official Government Notice: Execution of two Aborigines, who were convicted of killing a stock-keeper at Great Swan Port on the east coast.

1828 – Robbers broke into the vault of the Bank of Australasia in Sydney – first bank robbery in Australia.

1824 - It takes a real visionary to cast their eyes over a landscape and think,
"A convict colony would improve this place."
The first convict colony in what is now Queensland was founded at Redcliffe.

1835 - Sydney's first bishop, John Bede Polding OSB, arrived , as Vicar Apostolic of New Holland. St Mary’s Chapel becomes his Cathedral.

1861 - Howitt's expedition to rescue missing (idiot) explorers Burke and Wills arrived at the 'Dig' Tree.

1900 - In Melbourne 4000 people attended premiere of Salvation Army multimedia presentation (a fill-um) Soldiers of the Cross.

1914 - Capture of New Guinea
An Australian force occupied Rabaul and, on 17 September, the German governor surrendered New Guinea. The area remained under Australian military control until 1921.

1914 The former South Australian gunboat, HMAS PROTECTOR, captured the German merchant ship MADANG, off Herbertshohe, New Britain.

1926 - In Sydney 27 people died in the state's worst rail disaster when the mail train from Moree collides with runaway trucks from a goods train.

1943 - In Canberra Dame Enid Lyons and Dorothy Tangney become the first women members of Federal Parliament.

1945 - The Japanese surrender of Nauru was signed on board HMAS DIAMANTINA, (frigate).

1947 - HMAS WARRNAMBOOL, (minesweeper), sank after striking an Allied laid mine near Cockburn Reef, QLD. Two of the ship's complement were killed in the initial explosion, and a third was drowned. Twenty-six sailors were injured. Survivors were picked up by HMAS SWAN, (sloop). WARRNAMBOOL was listed as a war loss because Australia was still technically at war with Japan.

1982 - A second inquest began into the disappearance of baby Azaria Chamberlain at Ayers Rock in 1980.

1986 - After being on air for 3 years, the new 2BBB premises were officially opened by Mr Jack Iggulden on this day.
2 BBB FM is a Community Radio station based in the wonderfully diverse and beautiful Bellinger Valley, in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Run by volunteers in the local community and broadcasting to the Bellingen Shire for over 28 years.

1998 - The entire length of the Bibbulmun Track (WA) 1,000km stretching from Kalamunda in Perth to Albany was officially opened by Hon. Cheryl Edwards, the Minister for the Environment. An end-to-end walk celebrated the opening; ten walkers completed the whole journey, which commenced on September 13th and was led by Bonnie Hennessey, who is still very actively involved with the Bibbulmun Track Foundation.

2001 - The Centenary Flag was presented to the Prime Minister on behalf of the people of Australia by the Australian National Flag Association on 3 September 2001 to mark the 100th anniversary of the day the Australian National Flag was first flown. The Centenary Flag was proclaimed on 13 September 2001.

2002 - The Australian who is the first person known to have used the term “selfie” was a university student who called himself “Hopey” and posted the now famous photograph while seeking advice about stitches in his lips.

2003 - Severe thunderstorms wreaked havoc across the state of Victoria, with the SES responding to thousands of calls for assistance.

2004 - The traditional owners of Kakadu National Park say a new tourism strategy will strengthen their involvement in promoting the world heritage-listed icon.

2015 - Aussie model from Brisvegas, Madeline Stuart , rocked the runway during New York Fashion Week at Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station. Madeline was only the second model who happens to have Downs Syndrome to model the catwalk in New York.


  1. I guess you will be a bit sad to be leaving your home after so long but also excited with new surroundings, well not quite so new.

  2. Yay for pastures new(ish).
    And sigh on the mouths who just have to talk. And talk. And talk. About something they will never experience. Classic dogs in the manger.

  3. Andrew, it will be sad but all I can think is the old lady who lived a few streets away, who'd had a fall and no one to help for several days. Was the build up of newspapers & junk mail at the letterbox that alerted the postie, not the neighbours! In Dunolly everyone knows everyone's business!

  4. EC, that David Leyonhjelm is a prime example of distemper and mange in humans.