Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15 #OnThisDay in #Australian History

The men of the of  the Tribe of Feral managed to wade their way back to Melbourne; reports of road coaches being cancelled due to floods a little premature.
They failed spectacularly in getting photos of water-logged landscapes as they slept most of the way on the train & coach both ways....anyone would think starting their day at 4am was tiring.
Been trying to keep the info on the road closures, school closures, flooding, evacuations, and creek levels up to date and shared to those who need to know; Facebook & Twitter are good for immediate info.
Some bloke  Two people had to be rescued from this car at Dunolly via helicopter; bloody lucky the car washed up against trees cos any little further distance along the road and the open creek turned into a raging river would have tumbled the little car end over end and the person would not have stood a chance of survival.
 photo 14329937_10206830667034545_6366096061392520033_n_zpsr5pminjt.jpg

1790 - The man who speared Gov Philip was identified by Maugoran, a Burramattagal elder, as Willemering, a koradgee or clever-man from the Garigal at Pittwater, 30 kilometres north of Sydney.
Through his daughter Boorong, Maugoran expressed his ‘great dissatisfaction’ at the number of Europeans who had settled ‘in their former territories’ at Rose Hill (Parramatta). Phillip wrote:
If this man’s information can be depended on, the natives were very angry at so many people being sent to Rose-hill, certain it is that wherever our colonists fix themselves, the natives are obliged to leave that part of the country.
*And, lo, we were in danger of being swamped by immigrants*

1793 – Captain William Paterson headed a party of Scotsmen in the first attempt to cross the Blue Mountains. It all ended in tears before bedtime.

1805 - ‘Woglomigh’ (One-Eye) was shot dead and Branch Jack was shot and wounded while making his escape after an attack on a boat at the Hawkesbury River.

1809 - A group of ‘native banditti, 15 in number’ attacked the house of Joseph Marcus on the Parramatta Road. They wounded his wife with a spear and stole muskets and clothing.

1846 - Explorer Thomas Mitchell tripped over the Barcoo River, near the present site of Blackall.

1860 - HMC Schooner SPITFIRE, (LEUT J. W. Smith, RN), was attacked by natives off Cape Cleveland, QLD. The attack was repulsed without casualties in the schooner.

1870 - Sick and tired of retying the string between their two cans Those In Power began construction on Australia's Overland Telegraph Line, stretching across the continent from Adelaide to Darwin. 

1870 - First telegraph pole planted in a ceremony in Darwin by Harriet Douglas.

1895 - Celebrated American writer and humorist, Mark Twain, arrived in Australia on a three-month lecture tour. He was fascinated by the unoccupied desert expanses of outback Australia which contrasted greatly with the populated, fertile inland areas of USA. He was captivated by the humble kookaburra, magpie, and Australian wildlife in general. He wrote extensively about his observations of Australian animals and birds, and was surprised by the problem of feral rabbits. In all, he was a man who, during his tour, displayed a keen interest to learn and explore, tempering his interest with his usual satirical comments.

1899 - The West Tamworth - Westdale section of the Barraba Branch Rail Line (NSW) was opened.

1939 - Australian Government announced mobilisation of the militia and the establishment of the second AIF for service abroad; Australia needed to raise a volunteer force for overseas service in the Second World War while the militia were only allowed to serve in Australian territories.

1943 — 2/25 Battalion patrols entered and raised the Australian flag at Lae.

1957 -  North Shore Synagogue, Treatts Road, Lindfield, N.S.W was consecrated

.1960 - Tasman Empire Airways retired its last flying boat from service.

1970 - An inspector, a superintendent and two other former officers were charged following an inquiry into Victorian police involvement in an illegal abortion racket.

1973 -  Adelaide’s Proud Parade marked the end of Australia’s Gay Pride Week, celebrated in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. The first gay pride celebrations were of particular importance in Adelaide, where the May 1972 murder of Dr. George Duncan left many in the LGBT community fearful for their safety.

2000 - Today saw the MOST spectacular opening of the 27th Summer Olympic Games in Sydney with Cathy Freeman lighting the cauldron.

2011 - The discovery by Australian researchers of a previously unknown species of bottlenose dolphin was announced.
In other news dolphins denied hiding their bottlenose cousins in the attic whenever humans called in claiming the visitors 'just didn't notice them' before now.

2012 - Over 200 people, including newly arrived asylum seekers, received an Aboriginal passport. The Aboriginal passport was first introduced in 1988 by Palawa (Tasmanian) activist, Michael Mansell, and was issued to an Aboriginal delegation that visited Libya.

2015 - Ali Jafarri, an Afghan refugee detained in Yongah Hill Detention Centre after the cancellation of his protection visa, died after setting himself on fire. It was reported that he attempted suicide and self-harm before.


  1. 20116: The Coalition Guvermint backs down on their proposed tightening of Superannuation rorts, showing clearly who they support.

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