Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 17 #OnThisDay in #AustralianHistory

Put out your flags / halal snack packs/ Chicko Rolls and Skippy.....Australian citizenship is celebrated annually on 17th September, Australian Citizenship Day.
Another excuse for the bogans to get smashed on 2 cans of VB.
I'll be away until Wednesday evening, so there shall be no history blather until I park my arse back home in Oakleigh.
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1629 - The ship Batavia ran aground on the Houtman Abrolhos Islands just off the coast of Westralia, putting a crimp in the plans of a mutiny. The captain set off for Jakarta to get help while the survivors were terrorised, hunted and murdered by the frustrated mutineer. Today in 1629 the captain returned in a yacht whose crew went to battle (and soundly beat) the murderers.

1805 - James Meehan under instructions from the Governor, commenced a survey of the track from Prospect to the Nepean Crossing, and a rough road followed the marked line. This became the old Cowpasture Road, most of which line today is known as the Camden Valley Way.

1812 - Mary Ann leaves Sydney for the Shoalhaven

1877 – The Port Arthur penal colony was closed.

1879 - The Sydney International Exhibition opened in the newly built Garden Palace in the Botanic Gardens, along with a number of other pavilions in the gardens and Domain.

1883 - The Sydney Morning Herald today invited boys and girls to attend an examination to qualify for admission to the new Sydney Schools on September 20, 1883. Following this examination 46 boys and 39 girls reported to the school on October 8. Some had been awarded scholarships to cover school fees, some were to pay 8 pounds 8 shillings per year and the rest paid nothing because their parents were unable to pay fees.
1886 - The Strathfield - Hornsby section of the Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1892 - The Coolgardie, WA, gold rush began.

1898 - Minda Home at Fullarton, the first home for ‘weak-minded children’ was officially opened by Lady Victoria Buxton, wife of the Governor, with a complement of eleven pupils. Sir Josiah Symon, the first president, said that ‘Minda’ was chosen as the name for the home as it was an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of shelter and protection’.

1900 - Queen Victoria signed the document to create the Commonwealth of Australia.

1914 – Andrew Fisher become Prime Minister of Australia for the 3rd time.

1928 - The Medway Junction - Medway Quarry section of the Medway Quarry Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1950 – The first Australian forces land in Korea, during the War. Australian casualties numbered more than 1,500, of whom 339 were killed.

1964 - In the wake of the Voyager Royal Commission, Capt R.J. Robertson, commander of the HMAS Melbourne, resigns from the Navy.

1966 - St George beat Balmain in the Rugby League Grand Final, the last in their record breaking run of eleven consecutive premierships.

1967 - PM Harold Holt announces an increase in military support to South Vietnam

1982 - Casuarina Coastal Reserve was officially declared a Conversation Area.

1987 - Aboriginal people went to listen to a talk in Maitland by Percy Haslam. They learnt he had died earlier that same day. When Deirdre Heitmeyer arrived, she noted a great sadness and that “everyone had tears in their eyes”.

1997 - The Victorian apology, moved in the Legislative Assembly by then Premier Jeff Kennett on 17 September 1997, read: That this house apologises to the Aboriginal people on behalf of all Victorians for the past policies under which Aboriginal children were removed from their families and expresses deep regret at the hurt and distress this has caused and reaffirms its support for reconciliation between all Australians.

1997 - The first committee of the Derby Aboriginal Health Service Council was elected.

2001 - Australian Citizenship Day was first celebrated in Australia .

2003 - Alice Springs to Darwin railway completed.


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    Pity more pollies didn't follow Kennett's lead.

  3. o, ho ho .. question - when was the first official Rum distillery established in Australia ... No wait .. the first "continuing" rum distillery ...?