Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18 On This Day in Australian History

Just a few quickies as I'm trying to research and schedule each day I'm away in advance, if that sentence made any sense?

1797 - Coal was officially discovered in New South Wales, Australia, providing the foundation for the establishment of Newcastle.

1830 - The Hobart Gazette reported that Governor Arthur rewarded Pigeon, John Crook and Black Bill, with 1000 acres each for their aid in the pursuit of the hostile tribes.

1861 - Australian explorer John King (d.1872) was found by a rescue party. A land prospector or "squatter" touring the area in 1875 met an Aboriginal woman who claimed to have witnessed Robert O’Hara Burke being shot by John King, and he detailed her story in his journal. Historian Darrell Lewis unearthed the story around 1990.
If only King had shot Burke before they'd left Melbourne....

1889 - . An Aboriginal Reserve was declared at Sackville Ridge (Portland Head). For several decades it was the largest designated reserve in the Sydney area, outside of La Perouse.

1918 - Le Verguier (France) was captured by the Australians. The Australian 1st Division attacked with 2,854 infantry and the 4th Division with 3,048. This represented about one sixth of their original strengths. Both the 1st and 4th Australian Divisions were withdrawn from the Line, they were not to see action in the war again.

1922 - Captain J.G. Arnold took the ageing and somewhat decrepit paddle-steamer Avoca from Port Adelaide on a hazardous sea voyage to the Murray mouth and thence up river to Morgan to be slipped and repaired. 
Built in 1877 the 112-foot boat was said to be one of the largest on the river and was used for carrying cargo. After several mishaps, by the 1920s with paddle boxes gone and with masts added she was used in the Port River and nicknamed Squid because her decks were usually half awash. 
When Captain Arnold reached Murray Bridge he had to remove the masts to get under the railway bridge, having already dragged down a number of telephone lines across the river. After re-fitting in Morgan the Avoca was used for various purposes; fitted out as a show boat she was used on excursion trips from Murray Bridge.

1926 - NSW 50 Miles Road Walk Championship, Sydney to Blacktown and Return; The inaugural event boasted Fifty Miles Amateur Road Walking Championships of the Amateur Walking Union of Australia (the precursor of Racewalking Australia), the N.S.W Amateur Athletic Association and the N.S.W. Walking and Field Games Club so 3 separate titles were on offer.

1944 - The British submarine, HMS Tradewinds, torpedoed and sank the Jun’yo Maru, a Japanese cargo ship transformed to carry prisoners. Over 5000 people died in the tragedy, of which 1377 were Dutch prisoners of war, another 64 victims were British and Australian prisoners of war, and 8 were American.

1949 - The first Aussie Grand Prix in Banana Bender Country (Queensland) was held today in Leyburn, with a record number of visitors of 30,000.

1963 - The USSR ordered 58.5 million barrels of cereal from Australia.
Obviously they're Weetbix kids.

1970 - About 100,000 people take part in a second moratorium march against the involvement of Australia in the Vietnam War.

1973 - Australia abolished the death penalty.
But we reserve a special place in hell for some bastard mongrels.

1975 - Bartholomew Augustine Santamaria wrote a speech titled "Govern or Get Out" justifying the blocking of Supply for then Opposition Leader Malcolm Fraser which led to the dismissal of the Whitlam Government.

2008 -  Australia’s PM Kevin Rudd said the west's relations with Russia were at a turning point after its intervention in Georgia and a pact to sell Australian uranium to Moscow was in the balance.
Cos poking the Russian bear with uranium rods is always a risky dance move.

2009  Australia approved a vaccine against swine flu and said it would start administering the medicine this month to its most at-risk citizens, including medical staff, pregnant women and the chronically ill. Regulators approved CSL Ltd.'s vaccine for people above age 10, but the Therapeutic Drug Administration was awaiting the results of more clinical trials before approving it for younger children.

2013 - Operation Sovereign Borders, a military-led border security operation designed to prevent boats carrying asylum seekers from arriving in Australia, commenced.


  1. Have you noticed how much of our history is ugly? Of course you have. Not evenly ugly across the population, but ugly none the less.

  2. Um ... from the ugly comes the beautiful??
    Australia is is NOW - yep, am now elderly ... will our young people suffer the wrinkles of our age?
    Of course not. Will they ever comprehend, suffer the direct ramifications of World War two?. Of course not. Do the "youngies" even comprehend what happened in Vietnam ... probably not.

    From my point of view ... history .. wherever it happened - has to be recorded .. for as long as it takes ...

    Apologies ... 'tis not my job ... but understand why ..
    Someone has to ..