Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19 On This Day in Australian History

Another quickie, hope everyone is well and keeping out of mischief!

1797 – John Shortland was the first European to enter the port of Newcastle....that we know of...

1854 - Martin Cash, the only bushranger to die in his own bed, was granted his ticket-of-leave on this day after having been made a constable earlier in June.

1864 - The Bendigo to Echuca Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1876 - The Bendigo to Bridgewater Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1880 - The Mercantile Rowing Club was pupped on this day at a meeting in Young & Jacksons Hotel,Melbourne.

1888 - The government passed a Bill allowing the Commissioner of Police to give racing permits to use the totaliser. This ended a period of four years when betting in South Australia was prohibited and racing throughout the colony had been abandoned.

1902 - At Warooka, South Australia, a Magnitude 6.0 earthquake the second-largest recorded South Australian earthquake struck; this disaster claimed two lives and damaged stone and masonry buildings. It was the first earthquake in Australia to have associated fatalities - with two people suffering heart attacks. Only one small building in the town escaped damage. A local newspaper, The Advertiser, reported: "Women and children rushed screaming into the street, cows bellowed, horses stampeded as if mad, and altogether the scene was one of indescribable noise and confusion."

1912 - Wattle for the Coat of Arms
A new Commonwealth Coat of Arms was granted. This followed moves to improve the original design by adding the States’ Arms and making the kangaroo and emu more lifelike. The government had declared wattle Australia’s national flower and added it to the new design.

1918 - 5th Light Horse Brigade captured Nablus.

1943 - 2/6th Independent Company captured Kaiapit, New Guinea.

1971 - The last trams ran in the Victorian regional city of Ballarat.

1974 - Senator Neville Bonner moved:
‘That the Senate accepts the fact that the Indigenous people of Australia, now known as Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, were in possession of this entire nation prior to the 1788 First Fleet landing at Botany Bay, urges the Aus­tralian Government to admit prior ownership by the said Indigenous people, and introduce legislation to compensate the people now known as Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders for dispossession of their land.’
(The motion was passed unanimously in the Senate on 20 February 1975.)

2001 - Senate privileges committee found the Australian in contempt over publication of a leaked Senate committee draft report.

2004 - Fairfax’s Sunday Life magazine was revamped.

2004 - First issue of Independent Weekly, Adelaide; a Sunday paper.

2006 - A federal court ruling granted one of the nation’s largest native title claims to Perth and its surrounds (three times the size of Tasmania) to the Noongar Aboriginal people. The West Australian government instantly appealed the ruling.

2008 - PM Kevin Rudd announced that Australia would launch a multi-million dollar international carbon capture and storage institute to fight global warming.

2009 - Australian authorities delivered a formal apology to the many thousands of people who were abused in state-run orphanages and children's homes in decades past.

2011 - The Australian Parliament passed the Migration Amendment (Complementary Protection) Bill 2011. The new legislation improved protections for people who are not found to be refugees but are still at grave risk of persecution, torture or death on return to their country of origin.


  1. I wonder whether Senator Bonner's movement would get unanimous support today. I hope so, but wonder...