Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 20 On This Day in Australian History

1830 – The Port Arthur penal settlement was established.
And wasn't that just a barrel of laughs.

1883 - The Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High Schools were open for business.

1883 - Fannie Bay Gaol opened and began to receive prisoners

1897 - The last in a series of cooking classes was held at the Brisbane School of Arts. That afternoon participants in the class were regaled with an advanced lesson in ‘Ice Cream and Confectionery’. Their instructor, Harriet Wicken, was one of the leading lights in the Domestic Science movement in Australia.

1912 - Official approval was given for the establishment of a military Central Flying School. Official formation of the Australian Flying Corps.

1963 - Scrivener Dam was completed ; The valves on the newly completed Scrivener Dam were closed, allowing the waters of the Molonglo River to form Lake Burley Griffin a central feature of Canberra, Australia's capital.

1967 - Normie Rowe was called up for National Service.

1972 - For the first time in Australian history, tens of thousands of secondary students took direct action for their rights. Actions included strikes, school walkouts, meetings in schools and rallies after school.

1975 - 13 miners were killed in the first of several mining accidents at Moura, Queensland.

1976 - Apex quarry train (Vic) commenced operation; it carries gravel and other quarry products from Kilmore East on the North East line.

1985 - Capital gains tax is introduced in Australia, one of a number of tax reforms by the Hawke/Keating government.

1999 - Australian troops arrived in East Timor as part of UN peacekeeping force. This was Australia’s largest military deployment since the Vietnam War and was the first time Australia was a central participant in forming and leading an international coalition force.


  1. I was in Canberra when the lake was created, and am back again. And I love it.
    Port Arthur? Sigh. Not a good import from the old country.

  2. No. Just read (again) about the "Separate Prison" that drove prisoners insane at Port Arthur.