Friday, September 23, 2016

September 23 On This Day in Australian History

1846 – Explorer John Ainsworth Horrocks died at Penwortham in South Australia after he was accidentally shot in a hunting accident  savagely attacked by his camel Harry.
With a gun.

1853 - Turning of the first sod for the railway line at Geelong.

1856 – The town of Perth, Western Australia was proclaimed a City by letters patent from Queen Victoria.

1879 -  The Baldwin steam motors tram was first tried in Sydney.

1942 - General Blamey appointed Commander in Chief of Allied land forces in New Guinea.

 1959 - The M/S Princess of Tasmania Australia's first passenger RO/RO diesel ferry makes maiden voyage across Bass Strait. 1965 -  Roma Mitchell became  Australia's first woman judge, after her appointment to the South Australian Supreme Court Bench.

1978 - A group called the Coalition Against Repression demonstrated against the Festival of Light Rally in Hyde Park.

1986 - Murray McLachlan was elected President of the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras Association following the resignation of Bill Whittaker.

1988 - The first National Submarine Reunion was held at HMAS PLATYPUS, (submarine base), Sydney.

1993 – The IOC selected Sydney to be the site of the 2000 Summer Olympics.

1996 - 100 years of Aussie Rules Football....Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and the Koori Unit of Sport & RecreationVictoria were honoring the Aboriginal contribution to the AFL's centenary with an exhibition at the Royal Melbourne Show. It was officially opened on Monday, September 23 by Victoria's Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Ann Henderson, and the Minister for Sport, Tom Reynolds.

1993 - David McLachlan was elected as a new co-convenor of GLRL.

1998 - The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby staged the Big Event – a crowd of 2-5,000 addressed by Julie McCrossin outside the NSW Parliament House demanding the Labour Government recognise gay and lesbian relationships.

2012 - Sydney-based Convicts won Australian Gay Rugby Championship – The Purchas Cup.

2014 - Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that same-sex marriage would be inevitable in the country. Gillard was against equal marriage when she served her tenure between 2010 and 2013.

2015 - A MOTION supporting a conscience vote on marriage equality was  passed in the West Australian parliament, with the premier describing a national plebiscite as “destructive”.


  1. As we thought at the time and subsequently discovered to be true, Gillard lied about being against gay marriage.

  2. I still wonder why Julia took the stance she did while in Parliament. And how nice to hear of a guvermint admitting the the plebiscite is destructive (and expensive).

  3. OMG, Andrew, a pollie that LIED?!?!

    Yep, EC, not that they say it too loudly.