Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 24 in Australian History

I've been hauling the carcass up and down the (single, solitary) backyard step to try to shift some of the girth I've gained over Winter hibernation and stopping smoking...feel the burn!
Gotta work at gettin the burn to happen due to the ONE step but I'm getting there.
100 steps up and down each time the furbabies demand to go out to the them enough time to do their business, check on the doings of the neighbours dog through the fence, plonk themselves down for some solar rays and wonder what the ever-lovin' fuck the stupid woman is doing on the step.
So...on to some history.

1860 - The Hawthorn railway line from Richmond to Picnic opened.

 photo picnic_zpsjljtkzxp.jpg

1887 - The Newport to Sunshine Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1898 - Howard W Florey, pathologist, was born in Australia. He purified penicillin and won a Nobel Prize 1945.

1903 - Sir Edmund Barton (aka Toby Tosspot due to his heavy drinking habit) resigned as Prime Minister to move to the new High Court. Alfred Deakin became Prime Minister

1912 - The Noradjuha to Toolondo section of the Balmoral Railway Line (Vic) opened...back when railway lines serviced Horsham, Portland and areas of Victoria that have to rely on buses these days.

1928 - Several incidents occurred on this day during The Coniston Massacre (7 August -18 October) in which the murders of hundreds of Aboriginal people were perpetrated.

1966 - St Kilda defeated Colingwood in the VFL Grand Final.

1969 - The Easybeats began their final Australian tour in Toowoomba.

1987 - The Colo Vale - Braemar section of the Main South Railway Line (NSW) was closed due to significant damage to a trestle bridge from flooding.

2007 - An Australian man was conscious and spoke to his medical team during life-saving brain surgery in what doctors are claiming as a world-first procedure with cutting-edge technology.

2009 - Australia said it has created a massive nature reserve in the country's far north that will be managed by Aborigines. The so-called Indigenous Protected Areas in the Northern Territory contain rock art sites that are 50,000 years old and wilderness areas rivaling the nearby World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park.


  1. There are a few stations there I have never heard of.

  2. Good luck with the burn.
    Hamlet had it right. 'Oh that this too too solid flesh would melt...'

  3. Andrew, I say bring back the Botanic Gardens station!

    More Shakespeare should be plastered around gyms, EC.