Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30 Oz History

Well, yesterday will go down in history as the day the stupid people raged against renewable energy;
pollies, idiots on line and even the PM waded into the argument that the entire state of South Oz was without power due to it's "unrealistic" reliance on renewable energy.
They kinda sorta forgot to mention that the 22 power pylons (built in the 1960s to withstand winds of 200 kms per hour) that were bent in half into the ground kinda sorta broke the grid.
Was gratifying to see Waleed Ali get MP Josh Frydenberg (Minister for Environment & Energy) by the short & curlies when he pointed out that even had South Oz been powered by the dirtiest coal-powered energy source the whole state would STILL have been without power due to the mega storms that smashed the state.
They walk amongst us.

1804 – A government brewery was opened at Parramatta as a means of controlling the consumption of spirits.
Oh, how we laughed.

1813 - The coins "holey dollar" and "dump" were circulated in NSW to combat currency shortages.
The coins "holey dollar" and "dump" were created by punching the centre out of Spanish dollars. The external circle was the "holey dollar" and the punched-out inner circle was the "dump". They were only ever used in New South Wales, Australia, and on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

1814 - John Warby ‘and others’ ( the Cow Pastures trackers) were paid £40.5.0 (forty pounds and five shillings) for capturing bushranger Patrick Collins. Cogie (Kogie), the Murringong (Cow Pastures) chief speared Collins in the leg when he tried to escape.

1854 – The first game of cricket was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

1876 - The Everton to Beechworth Branch Line of the Yackandandah Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1884 - South Australia’s first and only warship Protector arrived at Port Adelaide to an enthusiastic welcome. Two years earlier Governor Jervois had warned about the colony’s defenceless position and the government passed legislation allowing for a contract to be placed for a steel-hulled cruiser to be built at Newcastle-on-Tyne.
I'm waiting for claims the mega storm was an attack on South Oz....

1889 – The Palmerston and Pine Creek Railway narrow gauge railway in the Northern Territory was officially opened.

1900 - In Sydney 103 people died from Bubonic Plague.

1903 - The Nowingi to Yatpool section of the Woomelang Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1914 - The Goobang Junction - Peak Hill section of the Parkes - Narromine Line Railway Line (NSW) opened.

1915 - The Raleigh - Coffs Harbour section of the North Coast Railway Line (NSW) opened.

1961 - The Wodonga to Tallangatta passenger (Diesel Rail Car) service ended.

1965 - The Communist Party attempted to seize control in Indonesia; the ABC's Jakarta correspondent Philip Koch was trapped in the Presidential palace overnight during the communist attack and his experiences in the attempted coup later became the inspiration for his brother Christopher's novel "The Year Of Living Dangerously".

1970 - In the pursuit of coal the Kalingo Branch Railway Line (NSW) played hostess to three rail junction openings on this day; the Bellbird Junction - Cessnock No 1 Colliery, the Kalingo Junction - Stanford Main No 2 Colliery, and the Maitland Main Junction - Maitland Main Colliery.

1976 – Blue Hills, the long running ABC radio serial, comes to an end after 32 years.

1976 - The Govt attitude towards LGBT people was referenced in the quote in the Courier Mail on this day; “Student teachers who participated in homosexual or lesbian groups should not assume that they would be employed by the Education Department on graduation.”

1980 - The Vales Point Junction - Vales Point Coal Unloader section of the Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1982 – The 1982 Commonwealth Games begin in Brisbane.

2010 - The National Gallery of Australia opened 11 new Indigenous galleries and art spaces that will house the majority of the gallery’s huge collection of Indigenous art, reportedly the largest collection of its kind in the world.
2015 - West Australian Aboriginal MP Ken Wyatt became the first Aboriginal Member of Parliament to reach the frontbench working as Assistant Health Minister.

2015 - The WA AIDS Council celebrated 30 years of supporting the community with a formal event hosted at Parliament House on September 30.


  1. Sadly the dickheads not only walk among us, they firmly believe they are above us.
    I bet the Cow Pastures Trackers got to share the five shillings of that reward...

  2. I read that the electricity generated by renewable energy is heavier than coal generated electricity and the extra weight put a terrible strain on the pylons, causing them to collapse. Oh, what was that flying past? A pig?

  3. FIVE shillng, EC?
    Who on earth let them have such wealth!

    Oh, that wind energy is a shocker, Andrew, pushing over trees, making women wear bikinis, causing coal mine owners to live on the street....