Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6 #OnThisDay in #AustralianHistory

People, I am so pissed off at you all - you were barely capable of shifting yourself off your couches today in Oz history!
I've hung out in dodgy websites searching for events, batted away offers of suspicious-looking history by a third party, edged my way around some stinking statements claiming to be genuine historical fact and scraped through Trove looking for something reliable.
This is your serving for today, eat what you're given or go hungry.

1880 - Commencement of 1st Test Cricket in England, v Australia at The Oval

  1901 - The East Greta - Aberdare Junction of the Cessnock Branch Railway line (NSW) was opened to rumble the coal from the pits of the earth.

  1901 - The new South Oz Stock Exchange building was opened by the Premier J.G. Jenkins. One of its main features was to be the federation stained glass window, designed by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Burne Jones, which was described in the Register the next day.

  1905 - Today marked the last sighting of the Clipper ship Loch Vennachar which sank off Kangaroo Island, killing 32. Only one body was found.

1909 - The Aborigines' Protection Board has been informed that the Government has approved the proposal to acquire 1200 acres, as a new camping ground, for the aboriginals in the Yass district. The site is about 12 miles from the town. The board will now proceed with the preparations for erecting dwellings for the blacks in the new locality.

1920 - The last meeting of the Wee Waa Progress Association decided that the authorities be written to In reference to the aboriginal mission camps at Pilllga nnd Cuttabrl, drawing attention to the prevelence of sickness and the number of deaths at these places. It was recommended that these camps be made into one with a suitable area of land, and be controlled, by a manager.

  1933 - Tired of getting the missus out in the rain to wipe the windscreen with the corner of her apron pollies passed the breakfast prunes along with legal stuffs that made windscreen wipers compulsory. On cars, not the missus.

  1940 - In one of the biggest cock-ups in WW2 history the British prison ship HMT Dunera rocked in Sydney carrying refugees and prisoners of war considered a danger to British security for internment in Hay and Tatura, majority of whom were in fact Jewish men and boys who had fled Hitler and his insane lunacy.

1943 - Members of the Waratah Electoral Council of the Australian Labor Party at Its general meeting decided to ask the Minister for Lands not to remove the aborigines from Platts Estate. Waratah as suggested by the Greater Newcastle Council.

  1951 - The HMAS Anzac was detached from HMS Glory's screen to bombard targets near Haeju, Korea. The Anzac was one of 11 Australian ships to serve in Korea.

  1953 - Back in the day when they believed in rail travel (instead of broomsticks) the Moe to Yallourn railway line (Vic) was busted open with a flourish.

  1953 - Invites with an aboriginal theme designed by Byram Mansell have been sent out for the first Television Ball. It will be held at the Television City Studios (formerly Ealing Studios), Pagewood on October 9,for the Actors' Benevolent Fund. Continuing the Australian theme, the organiser, Mrs. Paul Nelson, is using half-penny kangaroo stamps (seven on each envelope) for invitations. Nine thousand stamps were bought for all mail. The ball will be shot, with cameras, for screening on future Australian TV programs.

  1956 - TCN Channel 9 began filling the airwaves and innocent heads with babble and blather in Sydney.

1987 - Anotheree for the boffins, the Channel Island Power Station (the largest in NT for the size queens out there) was switched on today.

  1994 - Dr Herbert Cole "Nugget" Coombs, a man dubbed by an Aboriginal leader as "the whitcfellas' most senior elder", has branded the Western Australia Government's Aboriginal policies "a failure".

  1997 - Oh, be still my beating heart...the Australian Financial Review was flung off the presses on a Saturday for the first time.

  1999 - Jiang Zemin arrived in Australia, the first visit here by a Chinese president.

  2005 - Australia staged a high seas arrest of a Cambodian-flagged ship with an international crew suspected of fishing illegally in sub-Antarctic waters. And possibly wearing fish-nets, which is a crime against fashion.

  2007 - Australian PM John Howard said he would tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would not approve the sale of uranium to Moscow if there was any possibility it could be resold to Iran or Syria.

  2007 - In Australia Pacific Rim nations agreed that climate change was of "vital interest," but officials squabbled over whether their leaders should include energy efficiency targets in a statement at their annual summit. China’s President Hu Jintao, on the defensive over recalls of tainted toothpaste, pet food and toys, told President Bush that Beijing was stepping up product safety inspections.

  2012 - Twas a Thursday when the pollies up in State Parliament in Vic had nothing to do so they declared gold, in lieu of its significance in the history and development of the state, as the mineral emblem for the state of Victoria. Excited? We barely stopped snoring.

  2013 - Central Australia reports the sighting of a Central rock rat; the creature is found only in Australia and has not been seen since 1960