Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7 On This Day in Australian History

September 7
National Threatened Species Day
Indigenous Literacy Day

1790 - Governor Phillip got more than the rough end of the pineapple when he was speared in the shoulder while speaking with a group of Indigenous Australians. Turns out it was all a misunderstanding.
Bennelong asked Phillip to join him and others feasting on the blubber of a whale that had been washed ashore at Manly Cove. When Phillip arrived, he saw Bennelong place a long timber spear on the ground. Suddenly, an older man snatched up the weapon, fixed it in his woomera (spear-thrower) and hurled it with great force, striking the governor’s right shoulder and protruding through his back. Phillip was badly wounded, but Surgeon Balmain removed the spear shaft and he soon recovered.

1794 - Convict, merchant, shipowner, trader and chickybabe on the 20 dollar note Mary Reiby nee Haydock waltzed down the aisle to lawfully wed Thomas Reiby.

1795 - A ship of fools rocked up on the shores of Oz when the HMS Reliance arrived in Sydney carrying the new Governor John Hunter,  Aboriginal Bennelong, and the explorers Matthew Flinders and George Bass.

1795 - An account of the Government cattle, which had strayed, was received by the Governor from a young man who frequented the bush, and was so far incorrigible as not to be kept within boundary by any limit of the law. He nevertheless proved himself useful in finding out the wild cattle in the
plains now called the Cow pastures, and received his amnesty on that account from the Governor, who not only extended to him a pardon for his desertions, but encouraged him to researches which afterwards terminated in the noble view which a Colony, so capable as this, might hereafter possess from so good a prospect as the propagation of its cattle.

1833 - The Perth Gazette reported.... "According to Miago and Monday, after the killing of one of the European boys who had shot Yagan, the Aborigines had been anxious that the Europeans would kill more of them if they took more European lives in revenge and had immediately gone off and killed one or two members of Monday’s group. The Perth Gazette inferred from this that they were afraid of retaliating upon us; and suspect their numbers, by being so much reduced, will be rendered unequal to cope with the neighbouring tribes...."

1893 - Such was the fervor and passion for the new-fangled 2 wheeled bicycle things that a new magazine devoted just to the machine, The Australian Cyclist, leapt from the presses on this day.

1899 - The Sulphide Street to Tarrawingee section of the narrow gauge Tarrawingee Railway Line (NSW) was opened, including Stephen's Creek Siding,  Yanco Glen platform, Poolamacca platform and Tarrawingee Station. 

1902 -  The whole of Oz observed a 'day of humiliation' and prayed for rain, as a terrible drought killed livestock and threatened crops; rain began  on 10 September.

1923 - Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson, (born in Dunolly) assumed office as Premier of Victoria for a second term.

1924 - Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson, (still born in Dunolly) assumed office as Premier of Victoria for a third term.

1933 - Cabinet agreed to a Royal Commission into the treatment of Aborigines in Arnhem Land

1936 - The last known Thylacine aka Tasmanian Tiger died in the Hobart Zoo. It is believed to have died as the result of neglect—locked out of its sheltered sleeping quarters, it was exposed to a rare occurrence of extreme Tasmanian weather: extreme heat during the day and freezing temperatures at night.

1938 -  At  all the collierys twenty three thousand men stopped work due to issues over health, safety, working hours  etc; including dependents one hundred thousand persons were affected. With the exception of one or two privately owned mines every coal mine in Australia was idle for six weeks.

1942 - Australian and US forces inflicted a significant defeat upon the Japanese at the Battle of Milne Bay

1943 - A liberator crashed on take-off at Port Moresby hitting five trucks carrying men of the 2/33rd Battalion; 15 were killed instantly, 44 died of their injuries, and 92 were injured but survived.

1945 - Arrival in Singapore of 24 Australian nurses liberated from prison camps, including Sister Vivian Bullwinkel.

1954 - After a series of extraordinary outbursts by Leader of the Opposition, H V Evatt during the  Royal Commission to investigate evidence of espionage contained in the documents defector Vladimir Petrov brought with him the Commissioners withdrew Evatt’s leave to appear before the Royal Commission. They argued that he was representing his own political interests as Leader of the Opposition and not his clients’ interests. Evatt’s suspicion of a conspiracy deepened as a result of his dismissal.

1964 - They all frocked up in their satin and pearls for the Opening Night of the regional TV station AMV4 Albury.

1965 - The Sydney Symphony Orchestra performed to sell-out audiences in Tokyo.

1975 - Worshiping our bad boys in history yet again, the historical drama Ben Hall premiered on ABC TV.

1978 - A special gathering on Bathurst Island attended by the then Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, the Honourable Ian Viner instituted the Tiwi Land Council on this day.

1979 - Composition of the Tiwi Land Trust and the Land Council was determined at a meeting of the Land Council held today.

1992 - In Melbourne it was a landslide win to Jeff Kennett's coalition in the state election.

1996 - First National Threatened Species Day, chosen to remember the last Thylacine which tragically died due to stupid pink monkeys.

1997 - V/Line was split into V/Line passenger and V/Line freight. Obviously on different tracks.

2001 - Final issue of Melbourne Express, Fairfax’s Melbourne commuter paper that was launched on 5 February 2001.

2005 - A 15 year old was standing in the water at Park Beach, Coff's Harbour, minding his own business when his leg and foot were lacerated by a shark.

2008 - A shark was trying to get some rays at Clarks Beach, Byron Bay when his daydreaming was rudely interrupted by getting tangled in the surfboard leash of a surfer.
Neither creature was injured.

2013 - Tony Abbott led the Liberal Party to defeat the Kevin Rudd-led Labor Party to become the 28th Prime Minister of Australia.