Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 8 On This Day in Australian History

Giving up the smokes here....send coffee, valium and dancing pool boys, stat!

1792 - Starting a trend that's continued to this day the first convict , Michael Dunn, was buried in the Old Sydney Burial Ground.

1822 - At the Wesleyan Chapel, Parramatta: ‘The Rev. Wm. Walker, Wesleyan Missionary to the Aborigines of the Colony, publicly baptised the son of Bennelong, of notorious memory; and named him Thomas Walker Coke... Many of his brethren were present on the occasion.’

1821 - The Sydney Gazette reported today that Nanbarry ( identified by the newspaper as 'Andrew Sneap Hammond [sic] Douglass White, a black native of this Colony'), died at brewer James Squire's orchard at Kissing Point (Ryde) on 12 August 1821 and was buried at his own request in the same grave within the orchard in which Bennelong and his last wife had been interred in 1813. The Gazette said that after his sea voyages Nanbarry took to the bush and only occasionally returned to Sydney.

1851 - "Gold was first discovered at Ballarat in Victoria." Please join in my chuckles at the blatant irony of someone suddenly discovering gold on a MONDAY.

Twas merely a conspiracy for a long weekend.

1855 – Queen Victoria signed an Order-in-Council that changed the name of Van Diemen's Land to Tasmania.

1885 - The Boolarra to Darlimurla section of the Mirboo North Railway (Branch) Line (Vic) opened.

1887 - The Bungendore to Queanbeyan section of the Bombala Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1915 - Private James Charles (Jim) Martin (1901-1915) is believed to have been the youngest Australian to die during service at Gallipoli; he had convinced recruiting that he was 18 years of age, when in fact, at enlistment he was 14 years and three months.
Jim landed at Gallipoli on 8 September 1915.

1922 - The Millfield Greta Junction to Millfield Greta Colliery section of the Kalingo Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1936 - 1400 guests saw the South Australian Governor General Lord Gowrie open Bonython Hall in the University grounds. The medieval style hall was built with funds from a bequest of Sir John Langdon Bonython who left £40,000 for a Great Hall for the university.

1942 - Disaster at Efogi ; Better known in Australia as the battle of Mission Ridge-Brigade Hill, Efogi was, following Isurava, the next attempt to halt the Japanese advance. Again the Japanese were able to defeat the Australians by cutting the Kokoda track in their rear.

1945 - The Japanese surrender ceremony took place at Bougainville on this day.

1951 - Peace treaty (Second World War) signed with Japan; this signalled the formal end of hostilities with Japan, even though the fighting had ended some six years before.

1954 - SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization), a sister organization to NATO, was created under the Manila Pact by the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty, to stop communist spread in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). The United States, Australia, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand signed the mutual defense treaty. SEATO dissolved in 1977.

1967 - Demonstrations were held throughout Brisvegas protesting against Queensland Government regulations, which required groups to apply for, and be granted, a permit before holding any public meeting in the city. 114 people were arrested.

1971 - In his first speech on this day Neville Bonner, the first Aboriginal Senator, declared that he would play ‘the role which my State of Queensland, my race, my background, my political beliefs, my knowledge of men and circumstances dictate’.

1972 - Gay Lib Dance was held in the Manning Building, University of Sydney.

1975 - Kananook Railway Station, on the Frankston Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1980 - The Pits at Oxford Street, Bondi Junction was destroyed by fire.

1986 - Today was the beginning of National Aborigines' Week, Sept 8 - 14, with the theme :
" Peace - not for you, not for me, but for all of us"

1988 - The Mornington Mail, (Vic.), newspaper was established.

1991 - A scuba diver was fatally injured at Alinga Beach, Adelaide when he was attacked by a 4 m White Shark.

1991 - The West Coast Eagles earned the right to host the first final ever played out of Melbourne. However, Hawthorn prevailed in front of 44,142 fans, winning by 23 points.

1992 - Prime Minister Paul Keating warned President George Bush that wheat subsidies were corroding public support in Australia for the United States.

1992 - The Afghan Foreign Minister arrived in Sydney to appeal for urgent assistance.

1996 - Gay and Lesbian Memorial Project founder, Andrew Clark/Fletcher Jetspree alleged that the Project’s AGM decision to cease operation was “illegal”.

1996 - Sri Lanka defeated Australia to win Singer World Series Cricket at Colombo.

2005 - The Sequin Revolution, a documentary about the origins of the Sydney Mardi Gras screened at this year’s QueerDoc film festival.

2006 - Australian Forces were again deployed to East Timor to help stabilize the country.

2007 - Opening of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Sydney, with a special Protective Security Coordination Centre coordinating tight security measures through its APEC 2007 Security Branch. The breach of a security cordon by TV satirists The Chasers led to criminal charges that were later dismissed, and international enjoyment of their unexpectedly successful comedy stunt.

2008 - 80 years after the birth of Australian international netball, the team was finally given a name on this day when Netball Australia unveiled the Australian Netball Diamonds.

2008 - Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean said Australia would not sell uranium to India unless it signed a key non-proliferation pact, despite a decision by nuclear supplier nations to end a ban on trading with New Delhi.

2009 - With the votes of some Opposition (Coalition) MPs, the Australian Government ended Australia’s practice of charging refugees for their time spent in detention. Previously, detainees were expected to pay back around $100 a day after being granted protection. For some people this meant tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2010 - NSW became the third Australian state, after Victoria and Queensland, to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their Constitutional preambles. The Aboriginal flag was also permanently hung in the NSW Parliament.

2013 - In the Broome Advertiser – Yawuru people go live with culture and history.

Graphic designer, Danica Manado has used her creative flair to create a website for the traditional owners of Broome, the Yawuru.

The site explains Yawuru history, culture and current programs.

2015 - A surfer suffered a cut hand when attacked by a 6' shark at North Shelly Beach, NSW.

2016 - The Paralympic Games will be broadcast by Channel 7 from September 8 - 19 for the first time in Australian Commercial TV history.


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