Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9 On This Day in Australian History

How's it going?
No smokes here, thus far, today. Not even the herbal pretend-baccy shit from the smoke shop.

Bored out of my skull being stuck in the house, wanting to go for a walk - a decent walk consisting of several suburbs, several hours and (possibly) several time zones.

I may be a tad ambitious.

The speed at which I hobble most days could see several lifetimes pass by before I reach the end of the street. I may be exaggerating....but I dare you to put a stop-watch on me.

Still having to trawl and dig deep for Aussie History , nothing has changed there. No one gives a shit about our history, archaeology, heritage, culture...and when I say "no one" I mean the uber cool super mummy bloggers/journos/TV personalities (I'm looking at you, Sonia) who could use their power for good to slap more culture than just the latest trendy yoghurt into their followers.

And don't get me started on searching for LGBT and Aboriginal history - fark.

But I digress.

The lack of nicotine could make for interesting blather. There is no filter between my brain and my keyboard.

You have been warned.

1797 - While on his way to Port Stephens in pursuit of some runaway convicts, Lt. John Shortland entered the estuary of the Hunter River on which Newcastle is plonked. During his brief stay, Shortland named the river, though for some years it was often referred to as the Coal River, made the first chart of the harbour in the form of an eye-sketch and collected some samples of coal. In a later letter to his father, Shortland predicted that his discovery would prove a great acquisition to the settlement.
Yeah, yeah, smarty pants.

1803 - The “Lady Nelson” arrived in Van Diemen’s Land, now Tasmania, in preparation for the first British settlement. Actually, it was to scare away the French who were hanging around like blue-arse flies in the hope of snaffling Tassie for France.

1836 - The Governor Sir Richard Bourke proclaimed the official settlement of Port Phillip and appointed Captain William Lonsdale as Police Magistrate for the district.
As it was a Friday the miserable bugger Bourke was probably hoping to bugger-off home early for a long weekend.

1839 - HMS Beagle sailed into Darwin Harbour during its surveying of the area. John Clements Wickham named the area Port Darwin in honour of their former shipmate Charles Darwin. The settlement became the town of Palmerston in 1869 and was renamed Darwin in 1911.

1884 - The North Melbourne to Coburg section of what is now the Upfield Railway line (Vic) opened, 5.07 miles of beautiful track.
Those reading from the Parliamentary Library - pull your digits out and reopen regional railway stations and lines.

1899 - St Kilda registered a League record low score of one point against Geelong at Corio Oval.
Insert schadenfreude here.

1908 – William Ward, 2nd Earl of Dudley is appointed the fourth Governor General of Australia.

1914 - HMAS Melbourne landed 25 personnel on the German territory of Nauru without opposition, arrested the German administrator and destroyed the already disabled wireless equipment.

1918 - The North Geelong to Fyansford branchline (Vic), to service the Australian Portland Cement works, opened.

1927 - The Nobel Clay Bird Club was Australia’s first registered clay target club established on this day at a meeting held at 380 Collins Street Melbourne. The Nobel Clay Bird Club was located at the back of the ICI factory in West Footscray.

1939 - The Communist Party newspaper “Tribune” of September 9, 1939, issued the following statement:
“We stand for the full weight of Australian manpower and resources being mobilised for the defence of Australia, and along with other British forces for the defeat of Hitler, for a democratic Germany, and for the independence of nations now enslaved by Nazism.”

1946 - TAA (Trans-Australia Airlines) commenced operations (it was later renamed Australian Airlines).
Who remembers those popular TAA bags that all the rich kids at (state) school sported as their school bag? Smelling of freshly killed vinyl, oranges and pencil shavings it was every kids dream to have a TAA bag for school.
You may now indulge in Googling images for TAA bags, you have my blessing.
You're welcome.

1948 - The NSW shores were washed by the effects of a tsunami that began in the Tongan Trench.

1957 - The Dubbo Liberal (that's a newspaper not a description of the town) became a daily fish-wrapper.

1967 - The Federal Government set up an Office of Aboriginal Affairs.

1973 - Under the impression we needed MORE bad news in our lives, even on a Sunday, the first issue of Melbourne Sunday Press, later named the Sunday Press, dropped off the presses.
Pass it over to line the cockie cage, Muriel.

1982 - A rally and march were held in Sydney in support of amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Act.

1982 - Lettuce Cutlets by Barry Lowe and the first production of the Hullabaloo Theatre Co, opened at the Bijou Room, Balmain Town Hall Hotel.

1987 - David Buchannan, Vice President of the AIDS Council of NSW spoke on “Discrimination and Homosexuality” at the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s colloquium Making Rights Work, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act.

1989 - Bacchanalia presented Trash at the Hordern Pavilion.

1994 - The Bullock Island Branch Railway line (NSW) from Bullock Island Junction to Albert Street, was closed.

1995 - An Australian livestock official reported that the burning ship, Uniceb, with 70,000 sheep had probably sunk. It had been bound for Jordan when the crew abandoned it after it caught fire on Sep 2.

1995 - The group, Indigenous or What (IOW) is officially launched and aims to combat myths and provide support for indigenous people living in Australia.

1995 - Labor candidate, Greg Waters and independent candidate Councillor John Fowler are elected to the South Sydney Council.

1995 - Fur Bar , a new lesbian bar opened at 274 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst.

2000 - Matt Foley, the Queensland Attorney-General, ceremoniously returned to the Wakka Wakka, Warra and Jarowair people the ownership of the initiation site of the Meringindan Aboriginal Reserve.

2004 - A bomb exploded outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. 10 people were killed, 160 more were injured.

2009 - Australia announced that it had launched a war crimes investigation into the 1975 killing of five Australian-based journalists during an attack by Indonesian forces in East Timor.

2009 - Data released at the Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference 2009, in Brisbane showed that while the national figure remained stable at about a thousand new HIV diagnoses in 2008, Victoria and Queensland recorded increases after they reduced spending on HIV/AIDS prevention programs.
Yeah, strange that, you political wankers.

2009 - Swiss university researchers announced they had reproduced a gene structure found in a South American monkey that could act against HIV. The discovery could pave the way to a new treatment against AIDS. Discovered in 2004 in owl monkeys by a group of scientists at New York’s Columbia University, the gene brings about the production of a protein that has shown resistance against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

2016 - And in today's news we have an Aboriginal man dying in custody while Packer is plastered all over the shop for having made donations of mega moolah to the Australian Republican Movement.
One is news, the other is gossip.
Sadly, most people are dickheads and won't be able to tell the difference.

And, for fuck's sake, will someone please fix the fucking Nylex clock?!


  1. Look out. Jayne is hungering for nicotine. I was not a rich kid but somehow I did have a TAA bag and it did have a very distinctive smell. I agree re the Nylex clock. Slightly related, have a look at my Sunday's post which will feature Audrey. You know who I mean, I am sure.

  2. OOOOO, Ye Olde Skipping Gal !
    I shall eyeball each and every passing parade of posts from yon blog, young Andrew.

  3. Good luck on the nicotine front.
    No black, and no LGBT history because we don't want to dwell on the bad bits. Ignoring them/pretending they didn't/don't happen is much better. Sigh.

  4. Yes, let's just give everything a good bleaching *sigh*